Criminal Law Department

The department  definition and its terms of reference: 

The Criminal Law Department is responsible for teaching criminal law courses that are related to crimes, corpus delicti as well as punishments and penalties. The department is also concerned with the procedures to be taken for crime detection, requisition of criminals and brining them to trial. This is in addition to related courses concerned with investigating the factors of crime and how best to deal with these factors in addition to looking into the scientific evidence used to prove crimes. 

Teaching criminal law and related courses.  

Participating in local, Arabic and international competitions and judges.  

Participating in the conferences held by the School. 

Participating in training courses for employees of the Ministry of Electricity and Water

  1. Prof. Ali AlQahwaji   
  2. Prof. Ahmed Belal  
  3. Prof. Hisham Rustom 
  4. Prof. Hadi Shalluf 
  5. Dr. Bader AlKalefah (associate professor) 
  6. Dr. Ahmed AlMeshal (assistant professor) 
  7. Dr. Weaam AlMasrey (assistant professor) 
  8. Dr. Jamal AlEid (assistant professor)
  • Criminal law – Public. 
  • Criminal law – Private. 
  • Criminal Procedures.  
  • Criminology and Punishment.  
  • Forensic evidences. 
  • International Criminal Law.  
  • Comparative Criminal Law.
  • Participating in conferences.  
  • Participating in the School’s cultural season. 
  • Participating in the School’s Journal.