Private Law Department

1-         Teaching Private Law Courses ( Civil Law and Commercial Law, Social Legislations, and Civil Pleading) for Bachelor Degree and Master Degree

2-         Teaching and training Students in Legal Writing and Researches, in Practical Training and to prepare academic researches.

3-         Preparing and supervising quarterly and final exams.

4-         Correction of the final exams papers and delivery to the control department.

5-         Continuous evaluation of students in all studying stages at the school.

6-         Students petitions consideration after the  announcement of the results.

7-         Organization of periodic meetings with the Department Faculty and issuing decisions on the department’s tasks and the evaluation of scientific curricula in the department.

8-         Preparing academic researches.

9-         Contribution in training courses and researches in the framework of the Consultation and Researches center at the school.

10-       Serving the community in different legal fields

11-       Supervising Master’s Degree Thesis.


6-Civil Legislations

7-conflict of laws

1- Prof. Mahmoud Abdel-Rahman,          Professor

2- Prof. Ibrahim Al-Dessouki Abu-Lail    Professor

3- Prof. Amin Douwas                                Professor

4 – Dr. Khalil Victor                       Associate Professor

5 – Dr. Abdul Hakim Okasha           Associate Professor

6- Dr. Saleh Al-Otaibi                   Associate Professor

7- Dr. Yousef Al Ali                      Associate Professor

8- Dr. Mahmoud Melhem               Assistant Professor

9- Dr. Abdul Wahab Al Roumi       Assistant Professor

10- Dr. Mahmoud El Maghraby      Assistant Professor

11- Dr. Abdullah Al-Ramah              Assistant Professor

12- Dr. Mohammed Al-Hayhi         Assistant Professor

13- Dr. Badr Al – Dehani                Assistant Professor

14- Dr. Samah Khaman                  Assistant Professor

15- Dr. Khaled Al-Talahmeh          Associate  Professor

16-Dr. Yousef Al-Harbash Assistant Professor

17- Dr. Amr El Attar                      Assistant Professor

18- Dr. Talal Al-Adwani               Assistant  Professor

19- d. Tariq Alawneh Assistant  Professor

20- Dr. Jassim Al – Rashed Assistant Professor

21- Dr. Yousef Al-Salili  Assistant Professor

22- Dr. Nour Al-Abd Al-Razzaq Assistant Professor

23- Dr. Al – Yamamah Al – Harbi Assistant Professor

1- Principals of Law

2- Obligations 1

3- Obligations 2

4- Obligations3

5- Property Rights

6-Civil Legislations

7-conflict of laws

  1. Preparing academic researches in civil Law , commercial Law , social legislations and procedures law.
  2. Participation in the activities of the center for Consultation and Researches
  3. Participation in the annual conference at school
  4. Participation in national conferences in Kuwait and other Arab and English Countries.
  5. Organization of periodic Seminars in the cultural season at school.

Other Departments under Private Law Department