Islamic Law & Comparative Jurisprudence Department

1- Teaching the curriculum approved by the department and the commitment to complete it before the end of the semester.

2- Teaching and training students in research and practical training rooms and preparing scientific research.

3- Preparing and supervising quarterly and final tests.

4 – Correction of final test papers and delivery to the control section.

5 – Continuous evaluation of students at all stages of the college.

6 – Consider the grievances of students after the announcement of test results.

7- Organizing periodic meetings with all members of the faculty in the department and issuing decisions on the department’s specialties and developing scientific curricula in the department.

Prof. Abdul-hamid Al Baaly

Dr. Khaled Al Mutiri

Dr. Bader Al Dahoom

Dr. Adnan Al Mullah

Dr. Anfal AlAbdulhadi

Dr. Mohammed Al Osaimi (part time)

Dr. Rashed al Olaimi (part time)

1- Introduction to Islamic law

2-  Principles of Fiqh

3- Personal status law

4- Inheritance law

5- Islamic criminal law

1- Preparation of scientific research in civil and commercial law, social legislation and procedural law

2- Participate in the activities of the Center for Consultation and Research College

3- Participation in the annual conference of the College.

4- Participation in national conferences inside Kuwait and other Arab and English countries.

5- Organizing periodic seminars in the cultural season of the college.