LLM Scholarships

In accordance with the School’s aim to provide the community with outstanding professionals in the field of legal sciences, and carry out the approach for the strategic plan set for the student scholarship and incentives program . KILAW grants distinguished students who finish the KILAW LLB program and who get a GPA of 3.3 study scholarships to pursue their study at KILAW in the LLM program, with the condition to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. The applicant must be a graduate of the Kuwait International Law School.
  2. Obtaining the LLB in the regular period of time.
  3. The student should not be employed while being paid the scholarship.
  4. The student’s file should be free from any disciplinary action during the study.
  5. He / She should not have received a GPA warning in any semester or be prevented from taking a final exam.
  6. He / She has to pass his interview with KILAW’s administration.
  7. He / She must undertake to follow the study seriously until the end of the program or will be required to pay tuition fees.
  8. During Masters study, his / her GPA should not be lower than 2.67.
  9. He / She should be accepted as a teaching assistant (optional).