Social Allowance

Process of Social Allowance:

  1. At the beginning of each semester, an announcement about the social allowance will be declared in the internet and TV screens included the conditions and the requirements.
  2. Applications will be received from the date of starting till the deadline.
  3. The relevant statements shall be prepared and accompanied with the documents and sent to the Private Universities Council.
  4. The Council shall take decisions according to the governmental policy to send the amount of social allowance which is (200KD) to the students’ accounts.

Required documents:

  1. Copy of the civil ID (valid).
  2. Salary transfer certificate from a bank.
  3. A copy of the current semester schedule for the student.
  4. Letter from the Ministry of Justice on the continuity of marriage and a copy of the civil ID of the wife (Married students).
  5. Birth certificate and a copy of the civil ID for students with Kuwaiti mother.
  6. Print the Student social allowance page from the PUC website (
  7. Letter from the Department of Social Affairs, Ministry of Social Affairs.
  8. Letter from the social insurance.
  9. The student can inquire about his application by visiting the website of the PUC (social allowance).