English Legal Courses Department

The English Legal Language Courses Department is composed of academic staff teaching legal courses in English Language. Students following the LLB program are required to study at least six legal courses in English language distributed across the four year program. In accordance with school’s regulations and bylaws, students may take up to 12 legal courses in English language.

  1. Review the curriculum and the role of the English Legal Courses in achieving KILAW’s academic mission;
  2. Review the course material of the English Legal Courses (including the syllabus, literature provided, ppt, methodology, assessment methods etc);
  3. Review the performance of the academic staff (including teaching assistants) and ways to enhance performance in teaching, learning and assessment of students;
  4. Review and discuss possibilities for staff development (including research and publication, participation in conferences, seminars, guest lectureship etc);
  5. Review the teaching methodology applied and discuss the possibility to include innovative teaching methodologies;
  6. Review the English Language Legal Resources provided by the KILAW Library and discuss possibilities for further development;
  7. Review student feedback and evaluation and challenges faced in following English Legal Courses;
  8. Discuss possibilities to further enhance the cooperation with other Departments in KILAW (incuding the English Language Department) and
  9. Review and discuss any other matter relevant to achieve the mission of the English Legal Courses Department.

The specific mission of the English Legal Courses Department is to contribute in achieving academic excellence in the English Language Legal courses taught in KILAW.

  1. Amin Dawas,
  2. Hadi Shalluf
  3. Khalid Talahma
  4. Mohama Al Hihi
  5. Dina Hadad
  6. Nora Memeti
  7. Judith Spiegel
  8. Farah Yaseen
  9. Tariq Alawneh
  10. Ahmad Al Otaibi
  11. Amr Al Attar
  12. Talal Al Adwani
  13. Asim Jusic
  14. Norah Bin Hamad
  15. Yamama Al Harbi
  16. Tinatin Goletiani
  17. Dr. Albert Henke
  18. Ardit Memeti, Head of the Department
  1. International Law
  2. International Environmental Law
  3. Regional and International Organizations
  4. Electronic Commercial Law
  5. Administrative Contracts
  6. Social Theories of Law
  7. Forensic Evidence and Law
  8. International Criminal Law
  9. International Maritime Law
  10. Planning Law
  11. Arbitration
  12. System of Islamic commercial deals
  13. Maritime Law
  14. Aviation Law
  15. Introduction to Competition Law
  16. Introduction to European Law
  17. Current Legal Issues
  18. International Law of the Sea
  19. Professional Skills and Methods of Intellectual Communication
  20. Punishment and criminology
  21. The history of law and legal systems
  22. Comparative Law