The main duties of Teaching Assistants are as follow:  

  1. The general duty of a teaching assistant (TA) is to assist faculty members in teaching courses on a professional level as assigned at the beginning of the semester. The main work of TA is on the courses taught in English, in which TA must work to increase the English language skill of the students. Subject to these general duties, in particular:
  2. In lectures, TA must translate parts of lecture into Arabic, record attendance of students and generally assist as required by the faculty member. Where the same faculty member is giving the same course more than once, the faculty member may indicate that TA is not required to remain throughout all of the lectures.
  3. TA must prepare for and lead study group for each class in each subject, for which they are assisting. This includes translating into Arabic the important parts of the course and discussing with the students points which they find difficult.
  4. TA is responsible for (24) credits in each semester. TA must inform the students of office hours (total of at least four hours weekly) in their office. TA is required to discuss individual difficulties with a student during office hours.
  5. TA is in charge of assisting faculty members in Academic researches, by collecting, arranging and sorting relevant information.
  6. TA assists in the Academic activities of students, for example local or international competition.
  7. The faculty member is the direct supervisor for TA. TA must arrange to meet the faculty member at a weekly meeting to discuss related issues regarding the course and students. In evaluating the work of a TA, the school administration shall consult the faculty member for whom that TA is working.
  8. At exam time, TA shall assist both by helping to proctor at exams and by working in the control room. In addition, TA shall assist a faculty member with quizzes and midterms. TA is not allowed to calculate grades or correct exams of quizzes and midterms assigned for the students.
  9. Even where if there is any conflict between any of the duties of TA under this contract and any other activities of that TA (for example academic, professional, personal, or otherwise), the duties under this contract must be completely performed.
  10. TA must perform any other appropriate duties as assigned and directed by the university administration or faculty member.

KILAW’s Teaching Assistants

  • Habiba Bhouri
  • Nourah Jassim AlFarhan
  • Dalal Fouad Alawjan
  • Athari Saood AlAdwani
  • Zainab Najih Ali
  • Aeshah Fawzi AlQassar
  • Mohamed Ahmed Alnobi
  • Shurouq AlOthman
  • Samar Abdullah
  • Khaled AlSaeedi
  • Sharefa AlMutawa
  • Abdullah AlTarkit
  • Abrar AlQattan
  • Daliya Dashti
  • Maha AlDelimi
  • Mohamed AlMetiri
  • Ameenah ALWuhaib
  • Luluaw ALHoshan