Public Law Department

1-         Teaching Public Law Courses ( Constitutional Law and Administrative Law) for Bachelor Degree and Master Degree

2-         Train Students in Legal Writing and Researches, in Practical Training and to prepare academic researches.

3-         Preparing and supervising quarterly and final exams.

4-         Correction of the final exams papers and delivery to the control department.

5-         Continuous evaluation of students.

6-         Students petitions consideration after the  announcement of the results.

7-         Organization of periodic meetings with the Department Faculty and issuing decisions on the department’s tasks

8-         The evaluation of scientific curricula in the department.

9-         Preparing scientific researches.

10-       Contribution to training courses and researches in the framework of the Consultation and Researches center at the school.

11-       Serving the community in different legal fields

12-       Supervising Master’s Degree Thesis.

  1. Mohammed Almoqatei Professor
  2. Yusri elassar Professor  and head of Department
  3. Abdul Hafidh Eid Professor and member
  4. MagdishehabProfessor
  5. George Saad Professor and member
  6. Ahmed Al-Fersi Associate Professor  and member
  7. Mustafa Mousa Associate Professor and member
  8. Hishem Al-Saleh Assistant Professor and member
  9. Khaled Al-Huwaila Assistant Professor and member
  10. Yahya Alnemr Assistant Professor and member
  11. Ahmed Al-Otaibi Assistant Professor and member
  12. Ali Al-Dufairi Assistant Professor and member

Constitutional Law (1)

2-         Constitutional Law (2).

3-         Administrative Law (1)

4-         Administrative Law (2)

5-         Political Systems

6-         Administrative Judicial Review for Master Degree

7-         Constitutional Justice for Master Degree

8-         Legal Writing and Researches, Practical Training and   Communication skills.

Department activities and events:

  1. Preparing scientific researches in Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, and Political Systems.
  2. Participation in the activities of the center for Consultation and Researches
  3. Participation in the annual conference at school
  4. Participation in scientific conferences in Kuwait and other Arab and Foreign Countries.
  5. Organization of periodic Seminars in the cultural season at school.

Other Departments under Public Law Department