Students Activities

The School provides its students with a range of opportunities and experiences that enable them to develop their skills and competencies commensurate with their interests and aspirations in their professional careers. Students are encouraged and supported in broadening their experiences through providing them with the opportunity to organize seminars to express their views, student elections, training sessions and workshops, as well as organizing talent exhibitions, and other activities. These activities are managed and supervised by the Students Activities Office as well as the Students’ Association.

Students Employment Program

In order to achieve the goals KILAW in investing students leisure time for their benefit, and preparing students for various professional fields and be responsible, the students employment program has been initiated sonce the academic yesr 2012-2013.
Students work in a number of the School’s departments, including the library, Public Relations, Student Development, Student and the Social Services Office. They receive an hourly rate and assist with helping students to learn about commitment, discipline, responsibility and the value of time, in addition to the technical skills of the department in which they have worked such as the classification of books in the library, photography skills and preparing press reports in the Public Relations department, team spirit, teamwork management and planning programs in the Competition and Students Development department. Positions are open to students who have already passed at least one semester in their programs, with a GPA of at least 2.5. The student will receive 3 KD as a reward for each working hour in the program. Employment hours should not exceed 2 per day and 6 hours per week.