Students’ Association

The KILAW Students’ Association is an independent student organization based on the democratic model and it represents all students at KILAW. The Association is committed to achieving its goals based on adherence to the laws and regulations in force in the State of Kuwait, as well as the rules and regulations of Kuwait’s Ministry of Higher Education and of KILAW itself.

Objectives of the Students’ Association

The Administrative Governing Body of the Association aims to develop students’ personality and leadership skills in accordance with the goals, vision and mission of KILAW. It mainly aims to:

  1. Develop positive values amongst students and create an academic atmosphere which allows students to express their opinions and ideas.
  2. Strengthen the relationship between students, the KILAW administration and faculty members.
  3. Participate in efforts to obtain the utmost benefits from the opportunities available at KILAW.
  4. Liaise closely with the KILAW administration to express its opinions and points of view on matters of interest to students, and act as a conduit for the transfer of students’ points of view to the KILAW administration.
  5. Provide students with an opportunity to develop leadership skills and learn about responsibility.
  6. Discover, develop and refine students’ individual talents.
  7. Organize and regulate students’ activities.
  8. Organize students’ capabilities for the sake of carrying out community service.
  9. Convey any suggestions or complaints by students to the KILAW administration.
  10. Represent the students in KILAW’s administration, committees, and joint committees as determined by the KILAW administration.
  11. Cooperate with the Registration and Guidance Office at the beginning of each semester to help new students to register at KILAW and contribute to orientation sessions.
  12. Work on creating student activities that elevate students’ performance and help prepare students for their future. Facilitate students’ services and contribute towards improving KILAW’s overall performance.