Kuwait International Legal Training Institute (KILTI) is an institute that is specialized in legal training and is accredited by the Civil Service Bureau in Kuwait, established in 2012, working in cooperation with Kuwait International Law School in accordance with a modern approach to topics and methods of human development in Kuwait and the Gulf countries, focusing on the planning and organization of work and the adoption of academic methods and interactive approaches that stimulate the potential of individuals and groups to achieve the objectives set, both at the level of governmental departments and community organizations, or at the level of private institutions and companies.

  • To improve the level of legal training and raising the level of legal and professional qualification.
  • To provide information and experiences for the purpose of training and qualifying applicants in order to improve their performance and productivity.
  • To provide training programs according to the annual plan and the needs of the labor market, both at the headquarters of the Institute – KILAW’s campus – or at the headquarters of the authorities upon request.

The Institute provides various training services in the following fields:

  1. Legal sciences and their areas.
  2. Criminal Sciences.
  3. Islamic sciences (Comparative Islamic legislation and different fields of application).
  4. Commercial, administrative and financial sciences (Corporate Law, Capital Markets Authority, Monetary and Banking, Central Bank, Tenders and Auctions, Intellectual Property, etc.)
  5. Security and safety.
  6. Environmental science and occupational safety.
  7. Legal English.
  • The Institute benefits from Kuwaiti competences and expertise in various fields of work. It is also keen to use the best trainers and experienced training experts, whether they are faculty members of KILAW or from outside the School. KILAW has more than 86 faculty members of various nationalities and legal school, with a long-standing teaching, research and training experience.
  • The Institute, through the School, has more than 30 halls equipped with the latest educational and training methods (audio and visual), and a courtroom is available to replicate courtrooms for general and practical training.


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