KILAW Management




Dr. Bader Al Khalefah

Chairman of The Board of Trustees

Prof. Mohammad Al Moqatei


Dr. Yousof Al Ali

Vice President

Dr. Faisal Al Kandari


Dr. Ahmad Al Faresi

Chairman of Graduate's Executive Office

Prof. Seham Al Furaih

Manager of Academic and Professional Development office

Prof. Yusri ElAssar

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs/ Head of Public Law Department

Dr. Saleh Al Otaibi

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Dr. Adnan Al Mulla

Chairman Executive for Kuwait Center for Legal Studies and Research

Mr. Salah Al Ghazali

Vice Chairman and Training Manager for Kuwait Center for Legal Studies and Research

Dr. Pierre Al Murr

Supervisor of the Office of quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation

Dr. Ghadeer Aseri

Library Manager

Mr. Abdulmohsen Al Moqatei

Finance Manager

Mr. Jassim Al Kharafi

Human Resources & Faculty Affairs Manager

Eng. Ehab Shouquir

IT Manager

Mrs. Salwa Al Ojairi

Specialist of Strategic Planning

Mrs. Hanaa Al Ibrahim

Student's Development & Competitions Department

Mrs. Fouzia Al Shihab

Admission Manager

Mrs. Nedhal Al Katemeh

Registration Manager

Dr. Salah Al Najem

IT Consultant

Mr. Faisal Al Jeeran

Head of Safety & Security Department

Mr. Adel AlEnezi

Head of Public Relations & Marketing

Mrs. Khould Al-Khalifah

Head of Office of Alumni

Miss. Amneh Al Asfoor

Social Specialist