KILAW helds the 6th Outstanding Students’ Ceremony

Kuwaiti International Law School organized the 6th annual Outstanding Students ceremony, with a total of 231 students from various undergraduate years in the presence of the Associate Dean for Academy Affairs Prof. Yousri Al Assar,the Asssistant Dean for Student Affairs Dr. Saleh Al Otaibi, and several faculty members as well as parents of honored students to share these moments of joy of academic achievement with KILAW’s students.

The ceremony started with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran followed by the Kuwaiti national anthem, a documentary on the Journey of KILAW students’ success and the academic atmospheres provided by the  School to its students. The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Dr. Saleh Al Otaibi delivered his speech in which he stated how delighted he is to join the students in this happy occasion and to congratulate students for the success and excellence they have achieved, stating that Kuwaiti youth heads toward creativity and success when provided with the right atmosphere and conditions, and confirming that KILAW is keen to provide its students with the atmosphere for their academic success.

He added that those honored students have worked hard to shape their own personalities supported by the School administration’s continuous efforts to encourage to participate in sports, cultural and recreational activities, in order to benefit from these activities in shaping an integrated personality in their future as they join efforts in serving their homeland and establishing the rule of law.

Outstanding Students Club

The Manager of the Student Development and Competitions Department Ms. Hana al-Ibrahim congratulated students and announced that an “Outstanding Students Club” will be establishment in honor of the outstanding students under the superstition of the Student Development and Competitions Department, stating that the School continues to strive to distinguish its outstanding students stemming from its belief in the importance of encouraging them to be the School’s ambassadors.

Student Association

The representative of the School’s Student Association Yusuf al-Sharqawi, congratulated his fellow honored colleagues. Zain al-Ansari, an honored student, expressed her thanks to the School administration and faculty members who contributed to each student’s success and excellence.

In conclusion, Dr. Saleh Al Otaibi and a number of  the School’s faculty members distributed honoring certificates and shields to the honored students.

  • A number of honored students
  • A group of honored students in a commemorative photo
  • Yousef Al Ali participating in honoring a student in the presence of Prof. Yusri Al-Assar. Dr. Saleh Alotaibi
  • Rising for the Kuwaiti national anthem