“Communication & Presentation Skills” Training Course

“Communication & Presentation Skills” Training Course 

in Cooperation with  Boubyan Bank

The Student Development and Competitions Department in Kuwait International Law School organized a “Communication and Presentation Skills” course in cooperation with Boubyan Bank for three days in September 2017, with the participation of the School’s students participating in the following international competitions:

Philip C. Jessup

Willem C. VIS

International Criminal Trial Advocacy Competition (ICC) (SICTA)

In addition to excellent students and teacher assistants in the School, trained on “Communication and Presentation Skills” which are considered among the most important skills a student of law must acquire to engage in professional fields after graduation. The sessions were presented by Mr. Jassim Hassan, HR training and development adviser, who has received a number of Toastmaster certificates. Att the end of the course, presentations were presented, reflecting the skills acquired by the participating students. Six students have been chosen for their distinct performance during the course:

  1. Talal Bodai
  2. Zain Al-Ansari
  3. Shaikha Al-Banny
  4. Sarah Al-Houtti
  5. Reem Al-Harbi
  6. Abdullah Al-hemeli

    Finally,  KiLAW would like to thank all participating faculty and students,  in the hope that benefit is achieved for everyone.