An Exhibition about Kuwait International Law School’s Students Participation in Arab and International Competitions

Emphasizing the Administration’s Strategic Orientation

An Exhibition about Kuwait International Law School’s Students Participation in Arab and International Competitions

Prof. Mohamad Al-Moqatei: Realities have proved the practicality of competitions in the development of students’ academic and professional skills

In culmination of the years of perseverance to participate in student competitions, and to strengthen the importance of such participations for the administration of Kuwait International Law school  and its students, a Mural is placed at the forefront of the School’s library, to serve as a demonstration of students’ participation in local, Arab and international competitions, since 2012 till the academic year 2016/2017. The mural includes names of competitions, coaches and students as a display of their efforts and a praise of their excellent representation of the School in these student forums, alongside students from different countries around the world, representing the finest universities in Eastern and Western countries. This participation has contributed in introducing the School and strengthening its status as the first university specialized in teaching law in Kuwait and the region. It also reflected the School’s keenness to offer its students an excellence legal education, based on field and practical training in general, and participation in competitions, as two of the most important pillars of legal education.

The School has recognized, very early, the importance of participation of students in student competitions, which universities usually organize. Therefore, within a year of its establishment, (5) of KILAW’s students participated in the (Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition) in 2012. Since then, participation has continued in both Arabic and English regional and international competitions. This is in addition to internally organized competitions which aim at motivating students to compete in this vital area that would benefit them during their academic life and after graduation into their professional life.

In this regard, the Competitions and Students Development Department was established as one of the main departments in the School, under the supervision of Mrs. Hana Al-Ibrahim. Among its most notable tasks and responsibilities is organizing student activities concerned with practical and professional training, and refining legal talent in the practical  field for outstanding students during the period of study and after graduation.

Among the activities organized by the Department is encouraging students to participate in competitions that will enable them to create a professional experience. They participate in the most popular local and international competitions, accompanied by a selection of trainers from the School’s faculty. These competitions are as follows: Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition – in English (Washington), Willem C. Vis English Commercial Arbitration (Vienna), the International Criminal Court competition – in English (India), Qatar debates – in Arabic, Debates League of Higher Education Institutions in Kuwait – in Arabic and English, the Arabic Moot Court Competition hosted by the School during the academic year 2016/2017. At the closing of the Arabic Moot Court Competition,  the School’s President / Dean Prof. Mohamad Al-Moqatei  announced that the School is seeking to make Kuwait International Law School a regional center for student competitions with the participation of law colleges and universities of different countries in the region. He believes that the participation  in international and regional competitions is a strategic choice of the School administration which  has proved its usefulness in the development of students’ academic and professional levels and helping them gain more practical skills and abilities that would enhance their chances of academic achievement and competing against their peers in obtaining developed and high-quality career opportunities.

Mrs. Hana Al-Ibrahim confirmed the department’s keenness to embrace the student competitions and participate effectively through proper selection and training of qualified students who wish to participate, and working to provide a relaxed atmosphere for all students in order to enable them to participate in competitions and strive to gain the skills and the development of academic and professional level and, therefore, win prizes.