Students’ Participation in Competitions 2017/2018


Stemming from the mission adopted by Kuwait International Law School in seeking to provide the society with qualified personnel in the legal profession with the highest academic and practical levels, as well as achieving the value of adhering to the academic legal principles in professional performance, The Competition and Students Development Department has been constantly working on improving the students’ skills and talents through their involvement in local and international competitions during the academic year 2017/2018.

This is an intellectual approach and a moral and behavioral attitude to start preparing young leaders of intermediate thought and methodology to convince the jury of the position of each participating party. The tournament was held from 4-11 November 2017. KILAW’s initiative was chosen to represent Kuwait.
Participating Students:
1. Abdulaziz Al-Saif
2. Hamad Al-Khneh
3. Youssef AL- Zamil
4. Ghazlan Al-Banna
5. Nour Baron
6. Hiba al-Aqra’a
1. Dr. Eiman al-Qattan
2. Ms. Shorouq Al Othman

The Arabic Moot Court Competition is one of the competitions that has always sought to highlight the students’ skills in the various fields of law. This year’s competition focused on a case of International Law. It was held in Kuwait in the period from 4 to 6 April, 2018. The team ranked 4th out of 13 teams.
Participating Students:
3. Ali Al-Bannay
4. Mohammed Madi Ajeel
5. Danah Al-Tabtabai
6. Danah AL- Diwali
7. Ali Al-Safi
8. Noir Al-Azmi
1. Dr. Amr El Attar
2. Dr. Abdullah Al-Rumah
3. Dr. Nourah bin Hamad

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It is a moot court competition in which students deal with a hypothetical case. It is held annually in the United States of America / Washington DC. This year it was held in the period from 1 to 7 April, 2018. The participating team ranked 72 out of 645 participating law colleges / schools.
Participating Students:
1. Talal Bodai
2. Reem Al-harbi
3. Zain Al-Ansari
4. Shaikhah Al-Bannay
5. Sarah Al-Masad
1. Dr. Ardit Memeti
2. Dr. Farah Yassin
3. Ms. Dalal Al-Ghanim

It is an International Commercial Arbitration Moot held annually in Vienna. This year it was held in the period 23 to 29 March, 2018.
Participating Students:
4. Fahad Al-Obaid
5. Noor Al-Farhan
6. Dania Al-Ameeri
7. Sarah Al-Houti
1. Dr. Khaled Talahma
2. Dr. Tariq Alawneh
3. Mr. Abdullah Al-Kandari

This is a Moot Court competitions focused on International Criminal Law, held annually in India. This year it was held in the period 23 to 25 March 2018.
Participating Students:
1. Manal Al-Duwailah
2. Hajer Al-Khaldi
3. Abdulla Al-hamli
1. Prof. Hadi Shallof
2. Dr. Eiman al-Qattan
3. Ms. Nour Al-Badaiwi