QAA Awards the Quality Certificate to Four Academic Programs

The president and dean of Kuwait International Law School, Dr. Mohammad Al-Muqtie, has announced that the British Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), which is one of the oldest and most trusted British and international institutions, has awarded the quality certificate to four academic programs: the Bachelor of Law program, the Master of Law program, the Paralegal-Diploma and the English Foundation for LLM Program. This confirms, according to QAA, the professionalism and high efficiency in the implementation and development of the policies, programs and procedures of Kuwait International Law School, and that these programs are equivalent to those of the most prestigious universities. This is achieved after less than a year from receiving the Institutional Quality Certificate based on successfully meeting the ten standards already established.

Article’s Full Text in Arabic

كلية القانون الكويتية العالمية ترتقي سلم النجاح نحو العالمية: أربعة من برامجها الأكاديمية تنال شهادات الجودة من مؤسسة ضمان الجودة للتعليم العالي في بريطانيا