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Ph.D. (Professor) Old Arabic Literature 

Al-Abbas Bin Al-Ahnaf – Magazine of Poetry- Cairo – 9th Issues – 1980. 

Ibn Qa’aqis “Life and Poery” Schools of Arts Annuals – Kuwait – First Annual – 1980 . 

Thaalbi and his orphan ever – ALbayan – Issue 197 – Kuwait 1982. 

Litterateurs of Commandments in Al-Jahili Age – Al-Bayan – Al-Kuwait Issued 2008 Edition 1983. 

Commandments in the Islamic age – Al-Mawrid Journal – Baghdad Volume 13th – 3rd Issue – 1984. 

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Commandments and its development in the Abbasi age, School of Arts Annuals – Kuwait University 6th Annual – 1985. 

The Sun and its Indications in Al-Mutanabi Poetry – Published in Al-Dad Journal 4th Part – Zill Higga 1410 A.H. – July 1990. 

Al-Gaith – Terms and Meanings – Arts College Journal – Cairo University – Issue No.1 : Volume ( 50 ) – May 1990 

Al-Sryan role in the Transformation of Greek Culture – Animals of Arts College, Vol. 23, and Ain Shams University, Cairo – 1994 -1995. 

Reply to the Dewan Ibin Kekas – Journal of Institute for Arabic Manuscripts Vol. 30, Part First – Kuwait. 

Arab Woman and its role in Poetic Creativity and Innovation  – Arab  Research  and Study Center – Journal – Arab Organization for Education Cultural Science – Arab League – Issue 37 July 2002. 

The Man Picture in the Woman Creativity – Arts College Journal – Zakazic University Egypt – 2000. 

Three Articles in the Children Encyclopedia about Abi – Tamam – Literature for Major, Literature for Minor, Ibn Al-Roomi – Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Science – 1985 / 86. 

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A stance with three female writers of short story in Saudi Arabia Published in Al-Bayan Journal Issue 312 – 313 July – August 1996. 

Who is Balqis – Presentation of Book (Balqis a Women of Enigma and Satan). Ziad Mona – Riadh Al-Rees – London Beirut 1997 – Published in Al-Arabi Magazine Kuwait 1999. 

Who was Balqis ? (Book of Month ) Al-Boom – May 1999 (32-33) June (1999) Kuwait. 

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Romance features in the poetry of Al-Ansary Accepted for Publication : Journal of Al-Fasool – Cairo Egypt. 

Time – his words and meanings in A’sha Poem- Memorial Book – lover Arabic – the world Jalil Ahmed Mukhtar Omar – Award Foundation Abdul Aziz Al-Babtain – Kuwait in 2004. 

(Sources of Arab Heritage) Summary of the study subject provided to the trainees in the course held in Institute of Manuscripts during the period (11/11 to 23/12/1989). 

Elimination of Negative aspects in the role of man and women in the children literature and school books – Education Magazine – Issued from Ministry of Education – No. 3 – First Year – 1989, Kuwait.  

Some of the problem faced by Arabic Language and the extend of its reflection on the societies requirements. The Article was presented in the Second Conference of Education Methodology – from 13 to 16 February 1993 – Not Published. 

Kuwaiti Women and her role in National Development and Growth – Presented to the meeting of  the expert group about the subject { Arab Women Role and Status in National Growth/Development} held in Nicosia Cyprus during the period : 22 – 26, April 1985 – Not Published 

Saudi Women an its role in National Development – Research prepared on request of the expert group about subject { Arab Women Role and Status in National Growth} –  Not Published. 

Omani Women an its role in National Development – Research prepared on request of the expert group about subject { Arab Women Role and Status in National Growth} –  Not Published. 

Bahraini Women an its role in National Development – Research prepared on request of the expert group about subject { Arab Women Role and Status in National Growth} –  Not Published. 

War in the children eyes presentation and submission of the study undertaken by Doctor Jasim Al-Khawja. 

Women Psychology and its effects on her undertaking Administrative post – a research presented in the seminar under caption (Challenges and the Women Commanding Role ) –  During the period 16 – 18 April 1994, Not Published. 

( The Impediments against the Gulf Women Success in Higher Commanding Positions ) Research Submitted in Seminar captioned (Women Commanding Concept ……. With Advent of 21st Century ) in Dubai – 28 / 30 – 6 – 1994 – Not Published. 



A report about ( 4th regional conference of women in Society – in Arabian Peninsula ) Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies  Magazines – 13th Year  April 1987, Kuwait  

Preface to the Book (Kuwait Journalism – date and Gifting) prepared by Farhan Al-Waqiyan – 1994 Kuwait . 

Proposal submitted to Study and Research Organization – about working force and Government apparatus in the state of Kuwait – 1992.  

Revision of Reports of Higher Studies College – Kuwait University – 1986 -1987. 

Proposal submitted about establishing a Center for Studies of The  Occupation and War Effects on Kuwait – University 1991. 

Women position  in the old  Arab  Islamic  Society –  Research submitted in the conference,   ( CONTRIBUTION OF WOMEN TO DEVELOPMENT OF DEMOCRACY AND PEACE ). – prepared  by   (NATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF ARAB AMERICAN WOMEN INC.).  during the period  19 – 21 –  January, 1995  – New  York  USA 

Follow up ( Kuwaiti Women  Role  in   Management  of  Growth and Development  )   in a  conference  held  in  the  Research Center –  Administrative  Development Sector  ( Public Commission  of  Employment ) –  captioned  ( Government Administration and Growth ;  relationship  beyond  the   Traditional  Framework).   During the period  20 – 21  March, 1995  was  published  in  Public  Commission For Employment  –  Research Center –  Administrative  Development  Sector  – 1995. 

( Importance  of  Reading  and  its  Effects   on the Life  of  Individual   and   Society ). – Paper  submitted   in   a Seminar  ( Unwillingness  of  Arabian Gulf Youth in reading ;   its  causes  and effects  on the individual  and society life ) –   at the Arab Center  for Educational Research  of Gulf Countries –   period  15 – 19  April 1995  published  in Cultural Season  –  (2nd  Session )  1995. 

Concept and preparation of  program (  Youth ;  Concerns  and   Aspirations  )   10 rounds  presented  in the First  Channel of  Kuwait  TV 1996,  after  a field  study  about the  Youth  Attention  to  Kuwait TV  Program.  

Special Report   for a Book captioned  ( Women Poetry  in Abbasi  Age ) National Council for   Arts  Culture  and Literature. 

A  General Lecture  about  (  Arabization  of Science  )  On 17 / 11/ 1996 transmitted on Internet  in the Forum  writer  – Kuwait  – not  published 

Women  and  her Ambiguous  Role  in  the course  of  Development  (2000 – 2025 ).  A  work paper  submitted  on  24.11.1997  within the Activities  of  National Dialogues  about  the Growth  Vision  on long range  –  Kuwait  Ministry of Planning  – not published.  

Attended   Seminar  (  Arabic Language   – Actual  and  Aspirations)  

Qatar  University –  24 /26  March  1998  Doha  Qatar  Not  published.  

The Women Literary  Position  in Old  Arabic  Islamic Society  –  Monumental  Book  by Professor  Nasser  Uddin Al Asad –  Linguistic  Society –  Amman  –  Jordan 1997.  

Exhibit  of the Book  (  Democracy and Human Rights )  by Mohamed Aabed Al Jabery –   Arab  Future  Magazine  issue  No. 257 -7 / 2000 –  Unity Studies   Center  –  Beirut  Lebanon. 

Comment on the Research (  Globalization of Arabic  Literature  ) in Seminar  –  Tradition of   Difference   in Arab  Culture  –  in the period  30/ 3 –  1/4/2002  –  Department of Arabic  Language  and Literature –  Arts  College, Kuwait University.  

Comment  on a Paper  ( Women  Political Right  between  the  Islamic  Sharia   and the Law ). –  A seminar  of  Kuwait Society  for  Democracy  Development .  

(Refa’a  Al Tahtawi  and  the Last  Civilized Man ) –    An Acadmic  Paper  in the International Seminar   on  Centenary of   Refa’a Al Tahtawi   ).-  Higher  Council of  Culture  Cairo  in the period 20 – 22 /4/2002, 

Arab Society  and  its  Stand  in respect  of   Creative   Women –  Islamic    Education Science  and Culture Organization –   In the  Study Seminar  –  from 28 – 30   May, 2001  Kuwait. 

Arab Women and  Poetic  Creativity – An Academic  Paper submitted  in seminar  (Arab Woman and Creativity ) Higher  Council of Culture Cairo   in the period  26 – 21 /10/2002- Cairo. 

The concepts of democracy and human rights in the Arab-Islamic heritage 

International Symposium on (Islamic cultural vision in addressing human rights issues) Sharjah –March 15 to 17, 2005. 

The language of dialogue in Orientalism language – in the dialogue of cultures 

– Heritage Association – Beirut 6 to 10 December 2003. 

Preparatory Committee and to participate in the Arab Reform Conference, the 

Library of Alexandria in March 2003. 

To comment on the working paper on Arab Symposium (Convention on the 

Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) – Beirut 

January 26, 2004. 

The influence of language and Hatem novel – International Conference of 

the Faculty of Arts – University of Kuwait in 2004. 

Arab women and poetic creativity – about four poets: Nazek Almalaeka, Fadwa 

Toukan, Lamia Abbas Amara, Suad sabah, a lecture at Duke University – USA 

  • 11/11/2006. 

Political Islam and violence against women, Conference paper (women’s reality 

and future) in 28/10/2008, institution towards parliamentary outstanding 

performance, Kuwait. 

Participation in the symposium challenges of conflicts and crises facing the 

family and community system – Social Development Office 23/11/2008. 

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