Prof. Hadi Shalluf

 Professor – Criminal Law

Kuwait International Law School

Criminal Law

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Distinguished Professor of Law at Kuwait International Law School KILAW

  • L.L.B – 1978, University of Benghazi “ Gar Yonis” Faculty of Law, Libya.
  • L.L.M & Ph.D. – 1984, in Criminal Law and Criminology , University of Rome “The Sapienza University of Rome” Italy 1984 , Theses “ Imbutability” Imputabilité, supervisor the Dean and Professor Tullio DELOGU, Université de Rome LA SAPIENZA . 1984.
  • L.L.Min Public International Law , international law centre, Italian Society of  International Organizations-  Palazzetto di Venezia Roma , theses “ the conflict  between Arab and Israel”,  the director of the School, Prof. Franco CASADIO 1985 Ecole italienne pour les Organisations Internationales Scuola di Perfezionamento E di Superiore Formazione alle Funzione Internazionali 1985.
  • PhD.“ 1992, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne in FrancePublic International Law, International Relations”  Theses “ The International Relations  between Libya and France”  Director  et  Superviseur ,  M. le Prof. J.P.COLIN.  and one of Member of the Jury ( The examination committee for the Ph.D. ),  was  Prof. Michel JOBERT, the French former Minister of Foreign Affairs 1992.
  • Post doctorate studies : Common Study Programme on Criminal Justice and Critical Criminology – October 1984 to October 1986. Programme sous la responsabilité de la Commission de la Communauté Européenne,( become  the  European Union- EU ) de Institut de Recherche sur  la  défense sociale –  Octobre 1984 – Octobre 1986,  des Nations-Unies ( United Nations Social Defence Research InstituteUNSDRI ) et des Universités:

1) Université de Rotterdam Erasmus ( Pays- Bas) Netherlands

2) Université de Bologna ( Italie ) Italy

3) Université de Saarland de Saarbrûken( R.F.A ) Germany

Directeurs and Superviseurs  des études:

– M. le Prof. Alessandro BARATTA– Université de Saarland (RFA) Germany

– M. le Prof. Louk HULSMAN, Université  de Rotterdam  (Pays-Bas) Netherlands

– M. le Prof. Massimo PAVARINI. Université  de Bologna (Italie )  Italy.

Comparative criminal law, September 2. 2016 

L’internationalisation de la répression pénale internationale entre perspectives et critiques (French Edition)

Criminal law and criminology Teaching   

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