On the 55th anniversary of the Promulgation of Kuwait’s Constitution

On the 55th anniversary of the Promulgation of Kuwait’s Constitution

A Special ceremony at Kuwait International Law School with the participation of students

Prof. Mohammad Al-Moqatei: We wanted everyone to express what celebrating this occasion meant to them

The 55th anniversary of the Constitution of the State of Kuwait had a special impact this year at Kuwait International Law School. The School’s administration dedicated a whole week to celebrating this event. The students were the main element of this celebration as they were given the chance to express their understanding and adherence to the purposes of the 1962 Constitution which has guaranteed the citizens all their rights, and formed the fundamental guarantee for the consolidation of the values of freedom, democracy and the permanence of the form of governance agreed upon by the Kuwaiti people and the ruling family.

The School’s President / Dean Prof. Mohammad Al Moqatei opened the ceremony, thanking those who have participated in organizing this ceremony which will last for a week and will include an exhibition in which everyone can participate in expressing the meanings of celebrating the issuance of the Constitution through articles, photographs, paintings, research and studies, in order to allow students to express their talents through various means and methods. A special committee has been formed to evaluate the 25 student projects, in order to choose the best participations and honor them by presenting them with valuable prizes in recognition of their effort and excellence.

According to Prof. Al Moqatei, the School’s administration, stemming from its role in the service of the community and its keenness on performing its national role, has been keen, since its establishment, to celebrate the anniversary of the Constitution, through holding seminars dealing with the aspects of the Constitution’s chapters and articles. He added: if we reflect on these articles today, we realize how far-sighted were the people who drafted it in the early 1960s, that it is still valid today. He then referred to the design of the School’s

Courtroom, which represents a replica of the Constituent Assembly Hall, confirming the School’s deep-rooted interest in the Constitution.

The ceremony included an exhibition containing copies of the Kuwaiti Constitution and a number of books, references and studies related to the Constitution, as well as the rulings of the Constitutional Court, in addition to a number of newspaper articles, research papers, photographs and drawings submitted by students. A large photo of the late Amir Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah receiving a copy of the Constitution from the Chairman of the Constituent Assembly Mr. Abdul Latif Thunayan Al-Ghanim was at the center of the exhibition, and it was signed by members of the faculty, staff and students.