LLM Admission

Direct acceptance Requirements:

To be accepted in the masters program, it is required the followings:

  • A bachelor degree in law or equivalent, with a minimum total GPA of 2.67 or equivalent, from an academic institute accredited by Kuwait ministry of higher education.
  • Very good in English and Arabic which are needed in the program with a minimum TOEFL score of 550 for guidance, the applicants are required to pass the English placement test of KILAW because the acceptance depends on the English test results and TOEFL score.

Conditional acceptance:

The applicant might be accepted if he missed one of the requirements. There are two types of the conditional acceptance as bellow:

A-foundational courses (bachelor level courses decided by KILAW in annual bases):

If the student needs a few courses to be on the required level as KILAW decides weather in studying or GPA, it requires the following:

  • Getting not less than very good (B-) in all foundational courses.
  • Not more than 12 foundational credits and less than 9 credits.
  • These courses are taking in a pre- master course, and the student must pass the courses before starting the masters program.
  • The foundational credits or grades are not considered from the master program, unless they are main masters courses.

B-Language conditional acceptance:

If the student didn’t get the required score in the placement test, it is required:

  • Register a language course in the first semester (before starting the program).
  • Getting the required score during the semester before starting the masters program.

Note: Students who don’t meet the previous requirements are obliged to go through the conditional acceptance

  1. A for special needs, KILAW set some terms in accordance to the conditional acceptance, in case the applicant didn’t meet the regular acceptance conditions, as long as the applicants grade in law degree is not less than 2.33 or equivalent to that in any other system.
  2. The total required credits in order to graduate are (24) credits, most courses in the masters program are given in English (4), and in some programs all the courses are in English.
  3. Transferring masters credit from any other program is not accepted.
  4. Decisions are taken by the higher education committee and the administration of KILAW according to certain standards and available capacity.

Required documents:

1- Copy of LL B Degree in LAW. If the certificate was issued from outside Kuwait, it must be stamped and attached with the required equivalency.

2- Official transcript signed & sealed.

3- 2 letters of recommendations signed & sealed (KILAW form)from 2 of his professors, 1 work recommendation letter only is accepted.

4- To whom it may concern from work

5- Copy of a valid Civil ID.

6- 4 recent passport size photos.

7- Copy of a valid Passport.

8- committing to attend classes and acknowledging that his work will not affect the studying.

9- Doing the placement test is mandatory to evaluate the student level (considering the IELTS , TOEFL scores in addition to the interview)

Application fees:

  • 100 KD for application
  • 20 KD for the test

Fees are not refundable in case the student withdrawal the application or failed in the test

Registering fields:

  • A credit costs (240KD).
  • 60 KD as library and computer usage fees.
  • 20 KD for students activities.
  • 5 KD student ID card.