Terms for applying in KILAW:

  • Needed percentage to apply for high school holders is 70% for self-funding students (Wither Science or Arts degree)
  • Needed percentage to apply for high school holders on the PUC program is 80% for Science and  Arts degree. Also, the degree should not exceed 2 years since graduation’s date.
  • Needed percentage to apply for Law Diploma holders is (2.00), and for Non-Law Diploma holders is (2.33).
  • Needed percentage for PUC program for the Law Diploma holders is (3.00).
  • Students should complete (124) credits to get the Law Bachelor from KILAW.

Wanted Documents to apply for KILAW:

  • Original high school degree for PUC program applicants, and a copy for on self fund applicants.
  • For private and foreign schools students an equivalency letter.
  • A valid copy of the ID.
  • A valid copy of the passport.
  • 4 personal photos.
  • To whom it may concern from the work (If the applicant is an employee).
  • The applicant may attach his/her TOFEL of IELTS tests if he/she has any; but neither would affect KILAW’s placement English test.

Applying Fees:

  • D. 70 fees for applying
  • D. 20 fees for placement tests.
  • D. 10 fees for PUC (If applied for PUC program)
  • Applying and placement tests fees are not returnable.

Registering Fees:

  • A credit costs (K.D. 195).
  • D. 60 as library and computer usage fees.
  • D. 20 for students activities (PUC students pays for it as well).
  • D. 5 student ID card (PUC students pay for it as well).

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