Kilaw Recieves the Quality Assurance Certificate from the QAA

Prof. Mohamad Al Moqatei, Kuwait International Law School’s president, announced receiving the Quality Assurance Certificate from the (QAA) – Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education – which is one of the prestigious and accredited British and international institutions, after having successfully achieved the ten quality standards. The (QAA) has praised the professionalism and efficiency of implementing and developing KILAW’s policies, programs and procedures.

During a press conference held to announce receiving the Quality Assurance Certificate, Prof. Mohamad Al Moqatei stated that the School appreciates the importance of academic relations with other Arab and international universities and has adopted a policy of dealing with these institutions through a series of academic cooperation agreements. The agreements include academic consultations, assistance and support to enrich and improve the quality of the School’s education in accordance with international academic standards and practices, as well as exchange of visiting faculty members, exchange of students, field visits to evaluate and follow up the School’s programs and developments, cross-examination areas and joint degrees and certificates.

As for the quality standards in university education in the QAA, they fall within various criteria, the most important of which are programs and curricula, faculty members, teaching methods, periodic evaluation, attention given to students and providing the necessary support to enable them to complete their tertiary education successfully, in addition to international relations with educational institutions.

As for being one of the first academic institutions to obtain an international Quality Assurance Certificate, Kuwait International Law School is the first university in the Middle East to receive this accredited certificate. It is also the second university outside the UK to obtain this unconditional international accreditation from the QAA, to prove that its quality policies and practices are consistent and efficient, in accordance with European quality standards, moving confidently towards excellence alongside the prestigious British universities.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. Bader Al-Khalefah stated that Kuwait International Law School is the first academic institution in the Middle East and the Gulf Area to receive this accreditation, which qualifies it to join the ranks of distinguished international universities.

He explained that, besides the School’s excellent programs and curricula, English courses (6-12 courses) which enhance the students’ legal knowledge in the English languages, the School’s students compete in various international competitions and achieve high ranks, and their oral and written memoranda are always praised by the judges and referees involved.