First Reception and Reunion for KILAW’s Graduates

First reception and communication for Kuwait International Law School graduates

Prof. Mohammed Al-Moqatei: We are working on activating the Alumni Association, and its members will enjoy benefits and awards

The President and Dean of Kuwait International Law School, Dr. Mohammed Al-Moqatei , expressed his pride in the graduates of the school who were attracted by the different sectors of the legal profession in the public and private sectors, in recognition of the graduates’ abilities and practical and theoretical qualifications which they received during their years of study at the hands of distinguished faculty members who did not provide Effort to contribute to the achievement of the mission of the school to provide a distinct legal education for its students.


This came during the first reception and communication of the graduates organized by the school Administration in Al-Raya Hall, and was attended by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr.Badr al-Khalifa, a number of faculty members and staff, and a crowd of school graduates of various classes

The meeting was a beginning to build bridges of communication between the school and its graduates to emphasize their keenness to follow up the graduates who were yesterday students. Today, they moved to the work sites and tomorrow they will take leadership positions, because of the reflection of what they received during the years of study. Theoretical, practical and field qualification for their professional life, making it easier for them to capture opportunities for success with efficiency and merit.

He pointed out that The number of graduates has reached 965 for the bachelor’s degree and 76 graduates of the master’s degree. A new batch of 346 graduates will join them this year, all of whom are proud because they formed the best ambassadors for the school in all the fields in which they worked. You will be given a special card that will allow them to take advantage of the facilities of the existing school or those that we seek to establish, and the allocation of annual prizes for three Of the graduates who have achievements, and the opportunity for a number of graduates to attend the annual graduation ceremony, and accept the recommendations of graduates who wish to pursue the study of the master’s degree in school.

In turn, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. Badr Al-Khalifa welcomed the  attendance, and expressed his happiness with his meeting with the students of Kuwait International Law school, who proved that what we planted during the years of study may open and bloom and maturity and achieved in the fields of work you have chosen to witness your success and career as well as your academic success, and hope to intensify communication between us ,Because we are ready to stand by you all the time, and your professors will not spare you advice, guidance until you create career paths with confidence and you are equipped with all the elements , qualifications and expertise  provided by the school to students and graduates.

After the screening of a documentary film in which some graduates  reviewed aspects of their academic and practical careers and the advantages they received by choosing Kuwait International Law school, a number of faculty members and graduates recorded their impressions of the occasion.

* Screenshots of the reception

* The ceremony was an occasion to meet with the classmates, who set out among them the conditions of professional life, and they exchanged greetings, and to be sure of each other.

* A number of alumni have flown around their professors to apologize for the fatigue they have caused during the school years, and thanked them for their knowledge, culture, valuable information and public culture.

* A number of graduates praised the positive impact of their participation in competitions and debates which opened up wide horizons for knowledge, public culture, literary courage and respect for the other opinion, as well as English as a compulsory subject within the approved curriculum.


* A commemorative snapshot was collected at the end of the ceremony by a large section of the audience. Then, the commemorative photographs that brought together some graduates and graduates were taken to commemorate this special day, which was brought together by the administration of the school, which distinguished this achievement among the private universities in Kuwait.