Dr. Marcia Denny
is a full time Assistant Professor in KILAW. Her field of interest is Public International Law, International Organizations, Law of the Sea, International Environmental Law as the well as Rule of Law and it’s Implementation. Dr. Denny for the past 5 years has been involved in coaching the KILAW Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Team. She has a US Doctorate of Jurisprudence Degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and English literature.

Her publications are in the field of Public International Law. The most recent publications deal with:

– Fusilier, M. & Denny, M. (2014).Employee Sexual Harassment Policies and Kuwait Transnational Higher Education. Middle East Journal of Management, 1:197-212.

– Fusilier, M. & Denny, M. (2012). Transnational Higher Education and Sexual Harassment Policies: Kuwait; International Council of Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP Region 8) Annual Conference 2012,Geneva, Switzerland, November 21-24, 2012.