Bachelor of Law (LLB)

KILAW provides Programs with distinctive features that promise to qualify distinguished graduates who can compete successfully in labour market.

This four-year undergraduate program meets the requirements of the national professional bodies and was approved by PUC, the regulating authority of higher-education in Kuwait. In addition, the program reflects the market’s high demand for qualified legal personnel, able to perform their careers in law and law-related fields within the required international standards alongside standards applied in Kuwait, and the Arab world.

The LLB degree has a number of obligatory courses and optional courses mainly in law in addition to general education courses. The curriculum in this degree integrates as much as possible, courses in Arabic law schools and courses in international law schools, particularly those in Britain and American Legal Systems with theoretical and practical aspects integrated within the degree.

Program Mission:

in corresponding with the School’s mission, the LLB program mission is to achieve providing best quality of legal education that lead to excellence in performing legal professional roles, which will distinguish KILAW’s students in their abilities of critical thinking, comparative, bilingual, skills and approaches.

Program objectives:

  • To enable the holders of high school certificates and others to obtain a bachelor’s degree in law (LLB) and meet the professional needs of the community in the various areas of the legal profession.
  • To provide a well-rounded program that develops the skills and competences that enable graduates to compete for suitable jobs within government and the private sector.
  • To provide distinguished legal education that combines theoretical aspects and practical aspects to prepare graduates to contribute to the development of the country’s human resource and the community’s manpower.
  • To form a generation of LL.B holders with high-quality legal knowledge, as well as knowledge of the fundamentals of law in Kuwait and international legal systems.

Program Duration:

The Bachelor of Law degree (LLB) requires four years of a full time study duration.  It should not exceed six years and be no less than three and a half years.

Language of study:

The main language of study in all program and degrees is Arabic with a number of English language compulsory legal courses. Students following the LLB program are required to study at least six legal courses in English, distributed across the four year program. In accordance with school’s regulations and bylaws, the student may take up to 12 legal courses in English, based on his/her own choice.


  • The credit / Semester system enables students to participate in deciding his/her educational plan and progression and study, according to the rules set out in the Academic Guide . A student gains credit for all the courses that he / she successfully completes, and must reset those that were not passed in accordance with the rules. The rules allow students to reset total of 10 courses with a grade of C or below across the full program (all years).
  • The program structure is flexible in allowing students to choose the courses that meet their interests and career aspirations. Courses also accommodate their learning styles and progression.
  • Flexible timetables provide day / night delivery of courses to take into account the employment status of students.

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