Awareness-raising seminar on the training of students in private sector institutions during summer

Organized by Kuwait International Law School in cooperation with The Manpower and government  Restructuring Program

A workshop on training students in private sector institutions in summer

With the end of the second semester of the academic year 2017/2018 and the start of the summer vacation, and out of its keenness to embrace her students and help them to benefit even in their spare time, and contribute to the development of their abilities, and helps them to determine their future choices after the recognition of the nature of some Legal Professions In practice and experience, the Kuwait International Law School, in cooperation with the Manpower Restructuring Program and the State Executive authorities , organized a seminar entitled “Training of students in private sector institutions during the summer of 2018”. In the presence of a number of students of the third and fourth year students who want to know the steps that must be followed to start a career after graduation and they have the expertise they need to help them to succeed.

The Director of the Department of Student Development and Competitions thanked the organizers of the restructuring program for their continuous cooperation with the school administration to open the future horizons for the students. Then ,Mr.Tarek al-Kandari, and Mrs. Amina Bourashad of the restructuring program talk about the importance of exploiting the young and young students of the school who will graduate  for leisure time to practice some professions commensurate with their specialization in order to experience the professional life and experience practical, and compare the theories they received on the school and the reality in practice, Each one of them to form an idea about this profession or that, and then after graduation determines the path he will take and the job he will choose or profession that will lead him is fully convinced of the right choice so that he can rely on them to build the future of his life, The job or profession is not just a salary earned by the human being at the end of the month, but is an individual need for the individual, a service to society and a contribution to building the nation that needs the efforts of all its people.


Speakers Mr. Tarek al-Kandari, and Mrs. Amna Bourashad has a range of private sector jobs that law students can work in, including law firms, legal departments of large companies, banks, financial institutions, telecoms companies and many others, who welcome students to receive training. Graduation to form a new addition to them and take advantage of their energies ,Youth and their enthusiasm for work, creativity and professional success, and contribute to the pumping of young blood at the sites where they work.


In conclusion, Al-Kandari and Borashad responded to the students’ questions  which varied and diverged and focused on the role of the workforce restructuring program and the executive apparatus of the state towards the students first and then on graduation and the extent of their contribution in helping them to take up jobs as soon as possible.