Prof. Badriya AlAwadhi
is a Full Time Professor in KILAW and the Head of Public International Law Department.

Prof. Badriyais a former Dean of the Faculty of Law and Sharia’a, Kuwait University, Kuwait.

Prof. Badriya was also the Deputy Executive Director of the Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment, Kuwait. Her field of interest is International Law. Her publications are in the field of Public International Law.She holds a Bachelor and a Master’s degree from Cairo University, Egypt and PhD in Public International Law from University College, London University, UK.

She has numerous publication, mostly in field of Public International Law.The most recent publications deal with:

* Right to Privacy Legal & International Standards, KILAW Journal, June 2015, (Issue 10).

* Transitional Justice and the Rule of Law in the Arab Spring States. KILAW 2014.