Paralegal Diploma

Program Mission:

To participate in providing the community with qualified personnel who perform the job of legal assisting (paralegal), in both theoretical and practical aspects.


Program Objectives:

  • Deliver a specialised Paralegal Diploma program that qualifies individuals to assist with legal duties.
  • To combine theoretical and practical preparation within the scope of a legal qualification to undertake assistant roles.
  • Provide the fundamental and complementary legal education required to undertake assisting legal jobs duties.
  • Execute a training program (site training) realising the practical and clinical side of the program.
  • Introduce new job opportunities for those who hold high school certificates in both private and public sector employers.
  • Participate in the human development of manpower in the society and qualify them for employment in the labour market.


Program Duration:

For the Paralegal Diploma program the duration should not be less than two years and no longer than four years. Thus, the total credit for obtaining such degree is 72 credits.


Language of study:

The Paralegal Diploma language of study is Arabic, a part from English language and legal English courses.