Manpower and Government Restructuring Program

The program aims to find innovative solutions for the development of national employment and direct them to work with non-governmental organizations and support small enterprises in line with the development goals of the state and reduce unemployment.

The program defines its website as a “private sector work window” and provides interactive services with job seekers and human resource companies. It also offers rich data, statistics and information to serve those interested in employment and the labor market.

One of the most important services provided by the site:

Services for job seekers:

The site provides interactive and direct services for job seekers with companies and private institutions and with the restructuring program, and these services provide time and effort to all parties. It also directs job seekers to jobs that suit their orientation and abilities through career guidance department.

Services provided to companies:

The website allows companies to communicate directly with job seekers and facilitate the exchange of data and information between them.

General electronic services:

The program’s web site provides multiple and varied services to all interested and citizens.

Training and career development:

The program offers funded career development courses for the job seekers if they wish to.