Ahmad Ali

Language Instructor

Joint Unit Testing Coordinator

Joint CEA Coordinator

Kuwait International Law School

English Language Department

Room number: 122

Extension: 316

E-mail:  ahmedali@kilaw.edu.kw

Office hours (updating every semester): TBA

  1. Currently working on the PhD in TESOL, India, and expected to finish in Dec.2019
  2. Master in English, India
  3. CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults), UK
  4. Post Graduate Diploma in Education, Syria
  5. Post Graduate Diploma Certificate of Higher Studies (PGDC) Literary Branch, Syria
  6. A. of English Language & Literature, Syria
  1. Research paper titled “Looking through the Relevance of Attitudes in Foreign Language Acquisition“, Faculty of Arts Annual Magazine, Ein Shams University, Egypt, 3rd edition, Volume 42, July-September, 2014.
  2. Research paper titled “Linguistic and Social Hindrances to Oral Fluency and the Speaking Skill of Kuwait University Students – Faculty of Social Sciences”, Journal of Social Work and Humanities, Faculty of Social Work, Helwan University, Egypt, Issue 40, April 2016.
  1. Research paper titled “The Beliefs of Teachers and Students about Foreign Learning in the Faculty of Social Sciences-Kuwait University”, Journal of Social Sciences, Kuwait University, May 2016.
  2. Research paper titled “Authentic Materials: Perspective and Influence, A Case Study on Students of Kuwait International Law School”, Kuwait International Law School Journal, Dec. 2018.
  3. Research paper titled “Anxiety in EFL Learning: A Case Study of Secondary School Students in the State of Kuwait”, Journal of The Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies, Kuwait University, State of Kuwait, May. 2018.





  • Entry test preparations
  • Translation works upon request
  • CEA accreditation team member

Students’ academic guidance committee member