Prof. George Saad

 Professor – Public Law

Kuwait International Law School

Public Law

Room number: TBA

Extension: 493

E-mail: Sand an Email

Office hours (updating every semester): TBA

– Degree in Private Law from Saint Joseph University in Beirut, approved as a Master’s Degree, from Jean Moulin University (Lyon 3), France,

– Diploma in Advanced Studies in Comparative Law (Master), Jean Moulin University (Lyon 3),

– Diploma in Advanced Studies in Internal Public Law (Master), Jean Moulin University (Lyon 3),

– Doctorate (new regime), University Paris 8, thesis subject “Contribution to the study of the notion of the general principles of law, in Lebanese and French administrative law”,

– Habilitation in the research department (HDR, post-doctoral degree on presentation of works), Douai Faculty of Law, University of Artois,

– Graduation of professor at the Lebanese University.

Administrative law (Three volumes) 2014, Labor law 2015, Human rights Book 2016. (all Alhalabi Editions Beirut).

Information will be added later.
  • Working as full time Professor in Public Law
  • Professor at Kuwait International Law School