4th Annual Conference 2017-07-23T15:55:39+00:00

Under the Patronage of His Excellency

The Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education

Dr. Mohammed Abdullateef Al-Fares

Kuwait International Law School will be holding its

Fourth Annual Conference 

Under the title:

“Law .. An Instrument for Reform and Development”

On May 10 -11, 2017

Day 1: Wednesday May 10, 2017

Participants’ Registration (8:00 – 8:45)

Opening Session (9:00 – 10:00):

(Place: Lobby)

* Holy Quran.

* Kuwait’s National Anthem.

* Patron’s Speech.

* KILAW President’s Speech.

* Guests’ Speech.

First Session (Public) 10:15 – 11:45 / Room (M132)

“Public Participation in Proposing, Drafting and Amending Laws”

Who Makes the Law? Direct Democracy in the United States

Prof. Barbara Bintliff – University of Texas School of Law – USA

Amending Election Laws as a Tool for Democratic Reform

Prof. Mohammed Al Moqatei – Dean & President of Kuwait International Law School – Kuwait

The Principle of Legality and its Impact on the Reform and Development of the Legal System

Dr. Saad Bin Saeed Al Theyabi – Dean of College of Sharia’a and Law – University of Tabuk – KSA

Legality vs. Constitutional Principles: The Italian Experience After the Second World War

Prof. Claudia Storti – Professor of Public Law – Faculty of Law – University of Milan – Italy

Second Session – A – (Parallel) (12:15 – 14:00) / Room (M130)

“Role of drafting and interpretation in the development of laws”

The Role of Interpretation of Texts in the Development and Enforcement of the Law: A Comparative Study Between Law and Islamic Jurisprudence

Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al Dahoo – Faculty of Law – University of Bahrain – Bahrain

The Impact of Good Legislative Drafting on the Reform of Laws and the Requirements of the Legislative Policy of the Reform Process

Dr. Layth Kamal Nasraween – Faculty of Law – University of Jordan – Jordan

The Role of The French Legislator in Facilitating the Process of Divorce by Mutual Consent Out of the Judge’s Jurisdiction

Prof. Hadi Shalluf – Kuwait International Law School – Kuwait

Recent legislative reforms in France in the field of judiciary

Dr. Yousef Shendi – Arab American University – Palestine

The Reformative Role of the Legislative Law in the Development of Common Law Principles in England

Dr. Zafar Mohammed Al-Hajri – Assistant Professor – Saad Al-Abdullah Academy for Security Sciences – Kuwait

Second Session – B – (Parallel) (12:15 – 14:00) / (R131)

“Constraints and Mechanisms for Law Reform”

Law Reform

Prof. David Morgan – Kuwait International Law School- Kuwait

Role of Legal Reform Commissions in Legal Development – A Comparative Study

Dr. Fahad Ali Al-Zumai – Faculty of Law – Kuwait University – Kuwait

* The Legal Mechanisms Developed to Refute Hatred and Discrimination and its Contemporary Applications

Dr. Alia’a Zakaria – Faculty of Law – UAE University – Egypt.

Difficulties and Obstacles to the Development and Reform of Laws: the Lebanese Situation

Judge Maysam Al-Nuwairi – Former President of the Court of Appeal – Current Director General of the Lebanese Ministry of Justice- Lebanon

Problems Facing the Issuance, Preparation and Implementation of Reform Laws – A Comparative Study (Kuwait – Egypt – France)

Dr. Yahya Al-Nimr – Kuwait International Law School – Kuwait.

State Responsibility for Legislation

Prof. Zakaria Khalil – Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences – Marrakech – Morocco

Lunch Break – 14:00 – 15:00

Third Session-A-(Parallel) – 15:00 – 16:30 / (R130)

Legal Developments in the Criminal, Judicial and Electronic Fields

The Role of the Executive Authority in the Field of Crimes

Prof. Ali Al-Qahwaji – Head of Criminal Law Department – Kuwait International Law School – Kuwait.

Mechanism for Amending the DNA Legislation in Kuwait

Dr. Bader Al-Khalefah – Chairman of the Board of Trustees – Kuwait International Law School – Kuwait

DNA Evidences: Their Reliability and Limitations

Dr. Mohsen Sulaiman Al Ameri – Expert – Registered at the International Criminal Court – Oman

Judicial Intervention in the Implementation of Criminal Sanctions in Penal Legislation: A Comparative Study

Prof. Tachour Abdel Hafiz – Faculty of Law – University of Constantine – Algeria

Alternatives to Short-Term Criminal Penalties as a Reform and Rehabilitation Mechanism Under Contemporary Criminal Policy: Penalty of Public Welfare Work as a Model

Dr. Faisal Naseegah- Faculty of Law – University of Biskra – Algeria

Third Session- B- (Parallel) – 15:00 – 16:30 / (R131)

“International Dimensions of the Rule of Law and Economic Activities”

Financial Compliance as a Tool for Activating the Rules of International Economic Law

Prof. Osama Al-Fouli – Associate Dean for Research – Kuwait International Law School – Kuwait

Legal and Technical Controls for Income Tax – a Comparative and Practical Study on the GCC Countries

Dr. Mohamed Al Shafei – Faculty of Law – Abu Dhabi – UAE

Law and Competition Policy

Dr. Marcia Denny – Kuwait International Law School- Kuwait

The Possibility of Law’s Contribution to Development

Prof. Ahmed Shawky Mahmoud – Faculty of Law – UAE University- UAE

Improving International Law: Between the Dynamic of Stakeholders and the Limitations of the Law-making System

Dr. Farah Yaseen – Kuwait International Law School – Kuwait

Day 2 – Thursday May 11, 2017

Fourth Session (Public) – 9:00 – 10:30 (R132)

“Legislative Transformations and Their Social, Political and Constitutional Implications”

Experimental Laws in France: an Attempt at Legislative Reform

Dr. Ahmad Al-Faresi – Executive Director of KILRC – Kuwait International Law School – Kuwait

The Relationship Between the Two Authorities and the Role of Parties in the Field of Legislation

Mr. Noureddine Al-Beheiry – Deputy and Head of a Parliamentary Bloc and Former Minister of Justice – Tunisia

Role of Lobbyists in Making and Amending Laws – Comparative Study

Prof. Taj Al-Din Al-Husseini – Faculty of Law – Mohamed V University – Rabat – Morocco

Distribution of Power in New Arab Constitutions

Prof. Dr. Amohammed Al-Maleki – Dean of the Faculty of Law – Sultan Qaboos University – Oman.

Fifth Session- A- (Parallel) – 11:00 – 12:30 (R130)

The Role of Law Schools in Strengthening the Reformative Role of Law

Arab Faculties of Law and Contemporary Challenges: The Imperatives of Developing Methods and Developing Critical Thought

Prof. Maan Bousaber – Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences – Notre Dame University – Louaize – Lebanon

Faculties of Law and the Provision of Fatwas and Jurisprudence Consultations in the Issues and Challenges Faced by the Legislative and Executive Institutions in the Country

Prof. Kamil Habib – Dean of the Faculty of Law – Lebanese University – Lebanon

Faculties of Law as Nurseries to Providing the Qualifications of Law Development and Their Role in Reforming the Legal System

Prof. Abdulaziz Al-Saqelli – Dean of the Faculty of Legal and Economic Sciences – Fez – Morocco

The Moot Court as an Educational Method and an Incubator of Creativity

Prof. Al Haj Mohammed Al-Haj Al-Dush – Faculty of Law – UAE University – UAE.

Fifth Session- B- (Parallel) – 11:00 – 12:30 / (R131)

The Principle of the Rule of Law and its Reformist Role

Rule of Law and Legislative Authorization

Prof. John Mceldowney – Faculty of Law – University of Warwick – UK

The Uses of Reasonableness in the Constitutional Interpretation and Arbitration – A Comparative and Theoretical Analysis about the Law in Action

Prof. Silvia Zorzetto – Professor of Philosophy of Law – Faculty of Law – University of Milan – Italy

Governance, State Legitimacy and Law-making in the Post-Political Context

Dr. Raza Saeed – University of Warwick, UK

Food Waste at Time of Food Poverty: What Role for Law in Providing Effective Solutions?

Dr. Thomaso Fernando – Faculty of Law – University of Warwick

Sixth Session -A- (Parallel) – 12:45 – 14:15 / (R130)

The Role of the Judiciary in the Development of the Law and Guaranteeing Freedoms and Rights

The Role of the Supreme Courts in Establishing the Legal Principles and the Problems it Raises – Comparative Study (Kuwait – Egypt – France)

Prof. Yousri Al-Assar – Associate Dean of Kuwait International Law School – Egypt

The Right to Litigation as One of the Fundamental Guarantees to Promote the Concept of the Rule of Law Principle

Dr. Khalid Al – Huwailah – Kuwait International Law School – Kuwait

The Constitutional Judge’s Interpretation and his Role in the Development of the Law

Prof. Mohammed Fawzi Nweiji and Dr. Abdul Hafiz Ali Al Shimi – Faculty of Law – University of Qatar – Egypt

The Role of the French Administrative Judge in the Protection of Fundamental Freedoms

Prof. Faysal Bin Halilou – Faculty of Law – Sharjah – Algeria

Good Governance in Judicial Institutions

Dr. Hala Shaath – Faculty of Law – Al Ghurair University – Dubai – UAE

Sixth Session – B – (Parallel) – 12:45 – 14:15 (R131)

“Sponsored by the Kuwait Institute for Judicial & Legal Studies”

Presenting Research: Islam and constitutionalism

Main Researcher

Prof. Shaheen Ali – Faculty of Law – Warwick University – UK


Prof. Yousri Al-Assar – Kuwait International Law School

Prof. Javaid Rehman – Brunel Law School – London

Bruce Beauville – School of Law – University of Texas – USA

Lunch Break 14:15 – 15:15

Seventh Session (Public)- 15:15-16:30 / (R132)

Students Researches