The School’s Council devises operational policies, standards and foundations to improve the quality of work at the School in various academic, administrative and financial aspects. It also develops standards and procedures to implement the Council’s policies in this matter, as well as developing study plans, current and future academic programs and general operational policies to strengthen the School’s facilities and provides it with office services, hardware and tools according to the latest academic directions.

The Council is also responsible for setting clear foundations to oversee the affairs of faculty members’, teachers assistants, students and library as well as attending to students in all the academic and social aspects besides forming various academic committees.

The Council is headed by the School’s Dean and includes assistant deans as well as the heads of academic departments, due to the fact that academic departments are coordinating and executive authorities functioning under the supervision of the School’s Council with the authorities designated to it by the Board of Trustees.

The School Council is consisting of KILAW’s Dean, Assistant Deans and academic departments’ heads at KILAW, as follows:

Prof. Mohammad AlMoqatei

Dr. Youssef Al Ali

Vice President for External Relationships and Special Projects

Prof. Yousry Al Assar

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Head of the Public Law Department

Dr. Ahmad AlFaresi

Chairman of Graduate’s Executive Office

Dr. Saleh AlOtaibi

Assistant Dean for Students’ Affairs

Dr. Sabah Al Qaddoumi

Admission and Registration Dean

Prof. Ali AlQahwaji

Head of the Criminal Law Department

Prof. Badria AlAwadi

Head of Public International Law Department

Prof. Abdul-Hamid El Baaly
Head of The Comparative Jurisprudence and Islamic Studies Department

Dr. Ardit Memeti

Head of the English Legal Courses DepartmentDepartment

Dr. Jassim Bishara

Head of Law and Science Department

Dr. Omar AlAmri

Acting Head of the Arabic Language Department

Dr. Abbas Al Shammari

Acting Head of the English Language Department

Dr. Jamal Al Eid

Acting Head of the IT Department