The School Council

 The School Council is responsible for developing policies, standards and foundations to improve the level of work at the school in all aspects of academic and administrative, financial, and the development of standards for the implementation of the policy of the Board of Trustees in these matters.

In addition to developing the academic plans and programs whether current or future, the school council is also involved with developing policies to enhance the School facilities and to provide them with services equipment, hardware and tools, according to the latest scientific trends.

The School Council also provides a clear basis to oversee the policies related to faculty teaching assistance, students and the library, Further, it provides robust policies to support the school in all aspects of its scientific and social development.

The School council members are heads of departments, due to the fact that the academic departments assumes executive and coordination roles under the supervision of the School Council, as per the powers vested in it by the Board of Trustees. Departments include all faculty members of similar subjects and supporting staff, therefore, it undertake all departments proposals that are related to the scientific, educational and administrative work within its competence.

The School Council has been formed with the beginning of the academic year 2012/2013, it is chaired by KILAW's Dean, in addition to the Assistant Deans and academic departments’ heads at KILAW. They are as follows:

1-      Head of the Public Law Department and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Prof. Yousri Al Assar

2-      Assistant Dean of Students' Affairs

Dr. Saleh Alotaibi

   3-      Accociate Dean for Research

Prof. Osama AlFouli

4-      Executive Director of KIRLC

 Dr. Ahmad Alfarsi

5-      Head of the Criminal Law Department

Prof. Ali Qahwaji

6-      Head of Public International Law Department

Prof. Badria Al Awadi

7-      External Member

Prof. Mustafa Salamah

8-      Head of the English Legal Courses

Prof. David Morgan

9-      Head of the Islamic Law and Comparative Jurisprudence Department

Prof. Abdul-Hamid El Baaly

10-      Head of the Private Law department

Prof. Mahmoud Ali Abdul Rahman

11-  Acting Head of the Arabic Language Department

Dr. Omar AlAmri

12-  Acting Head of the English Language Department

Dr. Abbas Al Shammari

13-  Registar and Acting Head of the IT Department

Dr. Mohammad Al Ibrahim

 14-  General Registrar 

 Dr. Jamal AL Eid


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