Tenth Session (Parallel)

Challenges of Economy, Governance and International Trade

14:00 – 15:45 (Hall F130)
Chair: Dr. Yousef Al Ali – Former Minister of Commerce and Industry
and Current Dean of KILAW

Family Corporate Governance Alternatives in the UAE: A Comparative Applied Legal Study

Prof. Emad El-Din Abdelhai – Acting Dean and Head of Private Law Department School of Law- University of Sharjah

Challenges Arising From The Use of Standard Terms in E-B2C

Prof. Amin Dawas – KILAW
Dr. Tariq Alawneh – KILAW

The rise of protectionism and apostasy on the freedom of international trade

Prof. Zainab Awadallah – College of Law – Kuwait University

The UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Transferable Records Law: Streamlining Monetary Payments and the Transfer of Goods through Electronic Commerce

Prof. Henry Deeb Gabriel – School of Law – Elon University – U.S.A.

The Legal Risks Associated with the Electronic Transactions of Cryptocurrencies

Dr. Mohammad Al-Hihi – KILAW

New Trends in Modern Bankruptcy Laws: An Economic Vision with New Legal Ideas

Dr. Bukhars Abdulaziz – College of Law – University Mohamed Boudiaf M’sila- Algeria