First: The reality of legal education and opportunities for its advancement


Creativity in higher education

 Prof. Mohammad Al Moqatei – Professor of Public Law – President / Dean – Kuwait International Law School – Kuwait


Celebrating ‘Elle Woods’ & Proving ‘Daddy’ Wrong! Incorporating Cybergogy Into Legal Education and Gamifying 21st Century Law Classrooms

 Dr. Shahrul Mizan Ismail – Deputy Director – Centre for Teaching & Learning Technologies – Deputy Dean for Student Affairs The National University of Malaysia – Malaysia


Contemporary Challenges of Information Technology in Promoting Legal Education and Research: A Critical Analysis

Prof.(Dr.) Jeet Singh Mann – Professor of Law – Director – Centre for Transparency and Accountability in Governance National Law University – Delhi – India


The Effects of Globalization on Legal Education

Prof. Michael Bogdan – Senior Professor of Comparative and Private International Law – School of Law – University of Lund – Sweden


Methods of Teaching and Evaluating Law Graduate Students: Towards Capacity Building and Experiences

Prof. Fawzi Balkanani – Professor and former Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies – College of Law – Qatar University – Tunisia


The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Legal Education

Prof. Kris Gledhill – Professor of Law and Associate Head of School – AUT Law School – Auckland – New Zealand


New trends and international standards in the management of university libraries, expertise and services provided to students

Prof. Barbara A. Bintliff – Professor of Law – Library Manager – College of Law – University of Texas – USA


Legal Clinic and its role in the development of legal education: a critical assessment approach

Prof. Mohamed Ben Talha – Professor of Public Law – Expert Advisor to the World Bank – Member of the Arab Executive Office of Legal Clinics – Legal Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences – Cadi Ayyad University – Marrakech –  Morocco


Contract cheating and academic integrity in higher education: What can universities, quality assurance agencies and governments do to understand, prevent and respond?

Dr. Myra E. J. B. Williamson – Associate Professor – Kuwait International Law School – New Zealand


Legal Education and the Dedication of Human Rights Principles: the
Experience of Canadian Law Schools and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Prof. Kathleen Mahoney – Faculty of Law – University of Calgary – Canada


Pedagogy of Islamic Law in a Diverse Student Cohort: The Challenges
and Approaches to Teaching and Learning

Dr. Ahmad Ghouri – University of Sussex – UK



Dr. Mashael Al Hajri – Assistant Professor – College of Law – Kuwait University – Kuwait