Fifth: Problems of applying corporate governance, electronic transactions and competition


Ensuring the Effectiveness of Competition Policy: A Case Study of Cartel Criminalisation

Prof. Peter Whelan – Professor of Law – Deputy Director of the Center for Criminal Justice Studies – School of Law – University of Leeds – UK


Innovation Considerations in Merger Enforcement

Prof. Ioannis Kokkoris – Chair in Law and Economics Director of International and External Engagement – Deputy Dean for Global Engagement – Queen Mary University Center for the Study of Commercial Law – London – UK


The UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Transferable Records Law: Streamlining Monetary Payments and the Transfer of Goods Through Electronic Commerce

Prof. Henry Gabriel – United States Delegate to the United Nations – Commission on International Trade Law  and has participated in the negotiations that created the Model Law – Elon University School of Law – USA


The rise of protectionism and apostasy on the freedom of international trade

Prof. Zainab Awadallah – Professor of Economics and Public Finance – College of Law Kuwait University – Egypt


The composition of the competition authority and its impact on its ability to play its role under the Arab competition laws

Dr. Mohammed al-Qaisi – Assistant Professor – Director of two Master’s programs in Law and Master of Law and Economics – College of Law – Birzeit University – Palestine


The main rules and provisions of the American competition law and its applications

Dr. Hamouda Fathi Hamouda – Associate Professor – Commercial Law – Higher Judicial Institute – Egypt
Dr. Saleh bin Hamad Al Barashidi – Assistant Professor – Director of the Department of Legal Affairs and Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research – Faculty of Law – Sultan Qaboos University – Oman


Criminal and judicial protection of electronic transactions in the light of Moroccan legislation and comparative legislation

Dr. Sumia Akour – Professor of Higher Education and Lawyer Faculty of Legal Sciences – Université Hassan-Ier – Morocco


Family Governance Alternatives in the UAE: A Comparative Legal Study

Prof. Emad El-Din Abdelhai – Professor of Commercial Law – Acting Dean School of Law – University of Sharjah – Syria


New Trends in Modern Bankruptcy Laws: An Economic Vision with New Legal Ideas

Dr. Bukhars Abdulaziz – Lecturer (A) and the Head of the Private Law Department – College of Law University Mohamed Boudiaf – M’sila – Algeria


The Legal Risks Associated with the Electronic Transactions of Cryptocurrencies

Dr. Mohammad Al-Hihi – Assistant Professor – Private Law Kuwait International Law School – Australia


Challenges Arising From The Use of Standard Terms in E-B2C

Prof. Amin Dawas – Professor of Private Law and a former dean – Kuwait International Law School – Palestine
Dr. Tariq Alawneh – Assistant Professor – Private Law – Kuwait International Law School – Palestine


Multi-sided Markets: a Contemporary Challenge for Competition Law

Dr. Nora Memeti – Assistant Professor – Commercial Law – Kuwait International Law School – Macedonia



Dr. Yousef Al Ali – Assistant Professor – Former Minister of Trade – Kuwait International Law School – Kuwait


Dr. Yousef Al-Harbash – Assistant Professor – A lawyer and former judge – Kuwait International Law School – Kuwait


Dr. Fahad Al Zumai – Assistant Professor – College of Law – Kuwait University – Kuwait