Third: Recent challenges in International Law


Global Governance: Sovereignty Reinvented in the Context of Territorial Claims

Prof. Catherine Mackenzie – Professor of Law And Director of Studies – Cambridge – UK


Contemporary Legal Developments: Issues and Challenges

Dr. Nikolaos Theodorakis – Faculty of Law – University of Oxford – Greece


The Characterisation of Armed Conflict and Targeted Killing under International Humanitarian Law: Reflections on the Future of Jus in Bello

Dr Anthony Thomas Cullen – Senior Lecturer in Law – School of Law – Middlesex University – UK


International law and State responsibility for current crises

Dr. Luke Wilson – Professorial Lecturer in Law – The George Washington University – USA


Sustainable development across borders: new frontiers in international law

Dr Ralph Wilde – Associate Professor – University College London – University of London – UK


International Governance and Sovereignty: Judicial Control of Acts of Sovereignty (British Supreme Court Ruling on the Case of Torture and the Authorities’ Complicity in the case of Belhaj)

Prof. Satvinder Juss – Professor of Law – Kings College – London – UK


Space Bandits: Jurisdiction Over Interstellar Crime

Carrie Leonetti – Associate Professor – Assistant Dean – Member of the Consultative Council for the Equality in Justice Project – School of Law – University of Auckland – New Zealand


A Multilateral Regime for Space Resource Exploration and Utilization

Professor Yun ZHAO – Henry Cheng – Professor in International Law – Head of Department – The University of Hong Kong – School of Law – China


International trade law: multilateralism under a threat

Dr. Sideek Mohamed Seyad – Associate Professor of EU – Law Faculty of Law – University of Stockholm – Sweden


The Centenary of the League of Nations: a Lasting Legacy of Sovereign Equality and Deviation

Dr. Ardit Memeti – Associate Professor – Public International Law – Kuwait International Law School – Macedonia


Sovereignty over cyberspace

Omar Mohammad Amar – Professor of Public Law – Dean – Faculty of Law – Applied Science – Private University – Jordan


International nuclear weapons and the ongoing conflict between disarmament and modernization

Prof. Kameel Habib – Professor of Public Law – Dean – Faculty of Law – Lebanese University – Lebanon



Dr. Medous Al-Rashidi – Assistant Professor – Public International Law – College of Law – Kuwait University – Kuwait


Dr. Issa Al – Enezi – Assistant Professor – Public international law – College of Law – Kuwait University – Kuwait


Dr. Farah Al YassinAssistant Professor – Public international law – Kuwait International Law School – Lebanon