Sixth Session (Parallel)

International Commercial and Space Competition: Rules and Challenges

15:00 – 16:45 (F131)
Chairman: Dr. Medous Al-Rashidi
College of Law- Kuwait University

International nuclear weapons and the ongoing conflict between disarmament and modernization

Prof. Kameel Habib – Dean of the Faculty of Law – Lebanese University

A Multilateral Regime for Space Resource Exploration and Utilization

Prof. Yun Zhao – Head of Law Department – University of Hong Kong – China

Space Bandits: Jurisdiction Over Interstellar Crime

Dr. Carrie Leonetti – School of Law – University of Auckland – New Zealand

International Trade Law: Multilateralism Under a Threat

Dr. Sideek Mohamed Seyad  – Faculty of Law – University of Stockholm – Sweden

The Characterisation of Armed Conict and Targeted Killing under International Humanitarian Law: Reections on the Future of Jus in bello

Dr. Anthony Cullen – School of Law – Middlesex University – London – UK
Dr. Sana Mir – School of Law – Middlesex University – London- UK