Ninth Session (Parallel)

The Role of Islamic Finance in Achieving Sustainable Development

11:15 – 13:00 (Hall F131)
Chair: Dr. Yousef Al Sharrah
Chair of the Shari’a Council of the Capital Market Authority
Head of Department Jurisprudence & Principles of Jurisprudence
College of Sharia and Islamic Studies – Kuwait University

The Role of Islamic Instruments in Achieving Economic and Social Development in Kuwaiti and Egyptian Law

Prof. Hammad Mustafa Azab – Former Dean – College of Law – Assiut University – Egypt

The Role of Traditional Bonds in Financing the Company’s Project: Emerging Trends for a New Financing System

Prof. Majdy Shehab – KILAW
Dr. Khaled Talahmeh – KILAW

Legislation governing Islamic finance and its role in achieving sustainable development: Islamic instruments (sukuk) as a model

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Shuwaiat – KILAW

Islamic Finance- Sustainable Development and Developing Countries: Linkages and Possibilities

Dr. Mohamed K. Alshlaeel – School of Law – University of Essex – UK

Centralization of Governance and Sharia Supervision on Financial Institutions and Islamic Banks: A Critical Study

Dr. Ghalib Mohammad Al-Bulooshi – College of Law – University of Bahrain

Impact of Economic Turmoil on Contemporary Islamic Finance

Dr. Sadeq Atiyah Qandeel – Faculty of Sharia and Law Islamic University of Gaza – Palestine