Second: Recent trends in alternative means of dispute resolution


Towards a reform of the Court of Arbitration for Sport governance

Prof. Jean-Loup Chappelet – Professor of Public Administration – The Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration – University of Lausanne – Switzerland


Recent trends of the arbitrator’s responsibility and the position of Kuwaiti law

Prof. Lafi Mohammad Daradkeh – Professor of Commercial Law – Dean Faculty of Law – Yarmouk University – Jordan


The law applicable to international investment contracts in the field of arbitration

Prof. Ashraf Wafa Mohammad – Professor of Private International Law – Faculty of Law – Cairo University – Egypt


Prospects for ensuring protection for foreign investments in the light of the Arbitration System of the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes

Prof. Ben Hassa Thani Ben Ali – Professor of Public Law – And Dean Faculty of Law – University of Tlemcen – Algeria


The French judiciary and the creation of a special Chamber of International Disputes at the Court of Appeal of Paris

Prof. Hadi Shallouf – Professor of International Criminal Law and a former dean Kuwait International Law School – France


Arbitrability of dispute arising from consumer contracts: study in the Lebanese and Kuwaiti laws in light of the new French law

Dr. Ahmad Ishraqia – Associate Professor – Private Law – Faculty of Law – Lebanese University – Lebanon


Modern Trends of Judicial Mediation and their Effectiveness in the Settlement of Administrative Disputes: A Comparative Study

Dr. Yahya Al Nimr – Assistant Professor – Public Law – Kuwait International Law School – Egypt


The problematic of the indictment of the arbitrator and the sustainability of “moral arbitration”: Between “malicious” prosecution… and the “legitimacy” of accountability

Dr. Mahmoud Moghraby – Assistant Professor – Private Law – Kuwait International Law School – Lebanon


Third-party funding in international arbitration and its impact on the procedure

Dr. Amr Al Attar – Assistant Professor – Civil Procedures Law – Kuwait International Law School – Egypt


The Liability of the International Arbitration Institutions on the Arbitrator’s Errors: An Examination of the Influence of legal traditions of Civil and Common Law

Dr. Nehad A A Khanfar – Dr. Nehad A A Khanfar – Senior Lecturer and Program Chair – Islamic College-Middlesex University – London-UK – UK


Interim and Emergency Arbitration Measures in Singapore, the United Kingdom and UAE: A Comparative Review of Practices and Procedures

Dr. Chinyere Maryrose Ezeoke – Senior lecturer – researcher and lawyer – Faculty of Law – University of Malaya – Malaysia


Mediation and judicial mediation for the settlement of administrative disputes in French law

Dr. Samah Khaman – Faculty member – Private Law – Kuwait International Law School – Algeria


Legal Ethics and Transnational Dispute Resolution

Zachary R. Calo – Hamad bin Khalifa University – College of Law – Qatar Foundation



Dr. Yousef Al – Salili – Assistant Professor – Legal Adviser – Kuwait International Law School – Kuwait


Dr. Anas Al-Tourah – Assistant Professor – Legal Adviser – Arbitration Center – Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Kuwait


Dr. Khalid Al Huwaila – Assistant Professor – Public Law – Public Authority for Applied Education – Business Studies – Kuwait