The Legal Regulation of Artificial Intelligence and its Effect on Investment Development

Khalid Aldweri

Commercial Law Department - Kilaw - Kuwait International Law School


The tremendous development in the information age has been a great need for the need to adopt to laws and the Policies in order to face the development to keep up with but advanced patterns of technology changes. They worked to find the difficulty as it was. The situation in the time of the year and the laws in keeping with those other policies have been seen the huge changes have been delayed . Laws and regulations are in a progress That effect the investment and that’s why it is hard to thus laws and producers regulates and control was with technology and emails. Hence legal procedures are necessary within the international law that’s requires the jurist to formulate them in the line with the promises of the time and modernity in creating and homogenized perceptions that ensure respect for opinions and perceptive and the application of the electronic security between state and . Individual This study used an comparable analytical description to be aware of the incoming information and the technology by using new procedures presented by some developed countries as USA, Canada and UK to let the countries use the same procedures and to apply the same things in the gulf states but with awareness of the social and cultural sides. This study managed to find out the following results which are less legislative effort to use the updated rules and laws. This study also comes out with some recommendations creating the legal procedures combined with the electronic flows with guarantee of fast development


Artificak Intellengence ,Gulf states,International law,Legal regulations,Invertment,Technology,GGC,Kuweit,Data analysis