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ماجستير العمليات المالية

      تعلن كلية القانون الكويتية العالمية عن إستقبال طلبات الراغبين بالإلتحاق ببرنامج الماجستير في القانون والعمليات المالية من حملة مؤهلات القانون والشريعة والتمويل والمحاسبة والإقتصاد وما يماثلها وذلك وفقاً للشروط التالية:- الحصول على شهادة الليسانس في القانون، أو التمويل، أو الإقتصاد، أو المحاسبة، أو الشريعة أو ما يعادل أياً منها، بتقدير عام لا يقل عن (جيد جداً) أو 67 في نظام الأربع نقاط أو ما يعادلها. إجتياز إختبار القبول باللغة الإنجليزية. إجتياز البرنامج التمهيدي للغة الإنجليزية خلال فصل دراسي. إجتياز المقرر أو المقررات التمهيدية في أساسيات القانون لغير حملة ليسانس القانون خلال فترة البرنامج التمهيدي في اللغة الإنجليزية، [...]

August 7th, 2017|

First semester 2017/2018 Admission Dates

August ,13-17, 2017 delivery of study schedules to new applicants from Students at their own expense and scholarships August ,21-29 ,2017 receiving applications of scholarships for diploma of law and  English schools and continued to receive applicants from Students at their own expense August 30, 2017 orientation meeting for new students. September 7-17, 2017 included internal scholarship requests. September 10, 2017 for two weeks receive social reward requests. beginning of the semester September 6 ,2017  beginning of the semester

July 27th, 2017|

Government Commendation of KILAW’s Initiatives to Develop its Students and Enhance Their Skills

Prof. Mohammed Al Moqatei: We Succeeded in Hosting and Organizing the "Arabic Moot Court" and seeking further expansion On Wednesday, April 5, 2017, Kuwait International Law School concluded the Arabic Moot Court Competition, which was hosted by Kuwait for the first time. The competition took place from April 2 to 5, and witnessed the participation of delegations from 12 Arab Law Schools, including students, judges and arbitrators. Teams competed for four days and presented their written and oral pleadings in a case related to the area of Criminal Law. The Palestinian team, representing the Faculty of Law [...]

July 23rd, 2017|

The closing ceremony of the 7th edition of the Willem VIS Commercial Arbitration Competition

In the Presence Of the American Ambassador and Academic and Legal Figures Mohammad Al Moqatei: Hosting and organizing this competition stems from our strategic vision towards our students Students of Dar Al-Hekmah University in Saudi Arabia win the main prize for the third consecutive year The closing ceremony of the 7th edition of the Willem VIS Commercial Arbitration Competition, hosted and organized for the first time in Kuwait at Kuwait International Law School, has turned into a joyous Festival as participants from 13 Middle Eastern countries, numbering over 160 students, and 70 judges and coaches, expressed their [...]

July 23rd, 2017|

Open Day at Kuwait International Law School

Raising Awareness About The Dangers Of Fire… And Presenting The Creations Of Small Entrepreneurs The Open Day, which is organized by Kuwait International Law School, has become an annual event and a gathering opportunity for students of the School who share various hobbies to benefit from this opportunity to present their products and compete in presenting their small projects. Faculty members, students and staff members applauded the idea of ​​the Open Day and the various events and activities held this year. The event was held this year by hosting representatives from the General Fire Department to raise [...]

July 23rd, 2017|

Kuwait International Law School will be the center of the Arab Moot Court Competition

After 4 days of competitions between teams from 12 countries Prof. Mohammed A Moqatei: Kuwait International Law School will be the center of the Arab Moot Court Competition Birzeit University team won the first place .. followed by the team of Cadi Ayyad University Honoring judges and best pleader, praising the level of organization and serious atmosphere   Prof. Mohammad Al Moqatei, President and Dean of Kuwait International Law School, expressed the School’s readiness to be the center of the Arab Moot Court Competition and establishing an information center and archive for the competition since its inception four [...]

July 22nd, 2017|