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Importance of the journal

KILAW Journal is specialized in various legal domains enriched by KILAW faculty members as well as external researchers. Basically, the Journal aims at encouraging research and developing research skills of the academic staff. It is worth mentioning that academic research is essential in most international academic institutions, and classified as evaluation tool in two angles; namely, academic research itself, and responsibility towards the community.
To enhance academic research, KILAW released its first issue in January 2013 under the name “Journal of Kuwait International Law School”. The school has been keen on maintaining the continuity of releasing the journal with distinctive format and content. It works to elevate its status among Kuwaiti, regional, Arab and international journals.

Journal’s characteristics

KILAW Journal is a quarterly peer-reviewed legal journal include researches and studies in both Arabic and English. Below is explanation of the characteristics:
Academic legal journal
All accepted papers are related to various law domains (public, private, Sharia) and their subdivisions (administrative, constitutional, public international law, private international law, civil law, commercial law, etc.)
All accepted papers should meet the research criteria, such as importance of the study, methodology, authenticated references, etc…
All accepted papers should be original and not previously published.

Referred journal:  
Journal administration asks two referees who should be professors to maintain the academic level of the published papers
Journal administration continually updates the referees listsز

Quarterly journal: 
The Journal is issued four times a year: in September, December, March, and June.

Issued in both Arabic and English: 
KILAW Journal administration is very keen on English language that it made it the medium of instruction in the LLM program and the language of the thesis. This interest is reflected on the journal in the following manner:
The journal contains a section in English language and abstracts for Arabic researches.
The Journal accepts papers written in English after being referred
Researchers who write in Arabic are requested to present abstracts in English
There is an English language editor responsible for preparing and reviewing the materials published in English

Journal Objectives

  • Enhancing critical legal awareness in the different domains of law and Sharia, especially those related to contemporary issues
  • Establishing academic landmark that enables academic staff members to publish their research papers, and comments on verdicts
  • Building a communication bridge between Arab researchers and international researchers
  • Sponsoring distinguished researchers who are currently PhD candidates in the various Arab law schools in order to publish their research and encourage them to keep working on qualitative and unique research
  • Providing KILAW students with research papers that enhance their critical thinking skills


KILAW Journal is interested in directly law-related issues; public, private and Islamic laws as:

  • Public law: research papers should be related to the constitutional law (constitutional institutions, the government, the Parliament, constitutional judicial system); administrative law, government contracts, and administrative judicial system; public criminal law; private criminal law; criminal procedures; public international criminal law; and public international law….. .
  • Private law: researches should be related to civil law; contracts; civil procedures; commercial law; company law; insurance; maritime law; and arbitration
  • Islamic studies and Sharia: researches should be related to Islamic Fiqh (law); Islamic economics; Islamic ruling system; personal status; Quraan and Hadeeth sciences ……
  • Economy and General finance: Researches includes principles of economic sciences- fundamental economic theories-budget-economic tendencies and indicators – development plans – insurance – banking – external trading -etc..


The themes of the journal include:

  • Research and studies
  • Comments on verdicts
  • Summaries of theses and dissertations
  • Academic reports on symposiums and conferences
  • Book reviews of law-related books

Publication rules

Research and studies

  • General rules:  
    • The research or study must be original, not published before
    • The research or study should not be a part of a master or doctorate thesis, or part of a published book
    • The research pages must be up to 50 pages
    • After being approved for publication, the research or study cannot be published in any other journal
    • All research papers should be typed, and presented in three copies after proofreading
    • After being approved for publication, the papers cannot be sent back to the researcher
    • A one-page CV of the researcher should be sent with the research paper
    • The researcher shall receive three copies of the issues including the research as well as 20 copies of the research paper
    • An abstract should be presented along with the research paper in both English and Arabic
    • KILAW Journal has the all the publication rights
  • Special rules: 
    • A list of references should be at the end of the research paper. Arabic references should come first without any numbering
    • Margins are numbered, then explained respectively
    • The order of the research papers are technically controlled
    • Publication priority is as follows:
      • Papers presented by KILAW staff
      • Papers related to Kuwaiti legal issues
      • Submitting date, and amendments dates
      • Variability of the researches.

Comments on verdicts

KILAW Journal accepts papers related to comments on verdicts because it is keen on enhancing legal analysis and different opinions and the link between theory and practice based upon the following rules:

  • The commentator should be specialized in law
  • The comment should be on final verdicts after all appeals have been completed
  • Discussion should not exceed the basics on which the verdict is built
  • Contempt of the court or judges is not allowed

Summaries of theses and dissertations

KILAW Journal is also interested in publishing completed new theses and dissertations after taking appropriate approval. It should also be related to law. No more than 10 pages are allowed. Abstracts should include:

  • Introduction to the importance of the thesis or dissertation
  • Summary of  the subject-matter of the thesis or dissertation
  • Summary of the methodology of research, sample, and tools
  • Summary of the findings and recommendations

Academic reports on symposiums and conferences

KILAW Journal publishes reports on new law-related conferences and symposiums held in Kuwait or abroad. Reports should:
⦁ cover the activities of the conference or symposium, focusing on the presented research papers and their findings as well as recommendations
⦁ not exceed 5 pages

Book reviews

KILAW Journal publishes reviews of the newly-published books related to law if:

  • the book is unique and has academic and scientific value
  • the reviewer is specialized in the subject-matter of the book being reviewed
  • the review has not been submitted to publication earlier
  • the reviewer submits comprehensive review of the book contents, with comments on the strength and weak points. The report should not exceed 5 pages
  • no money paid for book reviews unless the journal asks for special book reviews

Research papers and studies should be sent to KILAW Journal editor on the following address:  
Kuwait – Doha City – Block 4 – P.O. Box 59062 – post code 93151 
Telephone: (+965) 22280222  ext. 487 
Fax: (+965) 22280209