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Associated Universities

KILAW recognizes the importance of academic relations and academic links with other Arab and international universities and institutions. It has adopted a policy of engaging with others via a range of agreements for academic cooperation with selected international universities and institutions. These include agreements to undertake academic consultation, assistance and support to enrich and improve the quality of the school’s education according to international academic standards and practices. Areas of cooperation include exchange of visiting faculty, student exchanges, site visits for assessment and follow-up of the school’s programmes and their evolution, fields of mutual research and joint academic degrees and certificates.

KILAW has signed memorandums of understanding (MOU) with reputable law schools and universities worldwide. These include the following:  

Additional academic co-operation also exists with other universities via their membership of the Academic Advisory Board, acting as external examiners or in specific joint projects, these universities are:     

· George Washington University, Law School.

· Milan University, School of Law.

· Australian National University, School of Law.

· John Hopkins University.

· Cambridge University.