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Issue 19 2018-01-14T14:43:58+00:00

Renewal And Development of Academic Legal Research

By: Prof. Badria A. Al-Awadi

Arabic and global legal spaces are crowded with many of raised issues and topics, represented in the faculties of law, courts, lawyers associations, judges, paralegals and others, which deserves to be highlighted in this corner of the journal, however we have chosen to devote it to this issue, Which coincides with the beginning of the new academic year, to discuss the requirements to renew and develop the legal academic research, given the importance of this sector and its strategic role in the development process and renaissance within societies, so as to assist in providing solutions and effective legal diligences to the problems faced by Political , constitutional institutions , Executive and administrative authorities in the public and private sectors, which would contribute towards cooperation and stability and providing an integrated environment for development in human societies. There is no doubt that reality and the role of academic research in Western societies is a successful evidence of what we have referred to in this introduction, and is a catalyst and an example that can be used for the pioneers and officials of legal academic research in the Arab world and developing countries to seek to renew and develop the system of this type of research to take the place it deserves and the role entrusted to it .            Read Full Text


The Crime of Aggression in International Criminal Law

Dr. Fares Menahi Al-Mutairi – Assit. Prof. – Criminal Law
Dr. Ghazi Obeid Al Ayash – Assit. Prof. – Pubic Law
Department of Law – School of Business Studies
General Authority for Applied Education – Kuwait

Constitutional Reforms in Jordan after the Arab Spring

Dr. Moath Soliman Al Mulla
Assist. Prof. – Criminal Law
Saad Al Abdullah Academy for Security Sciences – Kuwait

The responsibility of the real estate developer in Qatari law- Study in the law of regulation of real estate development No. 6 of 2014

Dr. Ashraf al-Rifai
Associate Prof.
International Private Law – KILAW

Minister and Ministry in the Saudi Administrative Organization Dr. Ibrahim Alhudaithy

Prof. Abdulrahman Ahmed Joma’a
Professor of Civil Law
School of Law – University of Jordan

The right to take Countermeasures and their Appropriateness As an option to Respond to Hostile Cyber Attacks

Dr. Nazzal Mansour Al Kiswani
Assist. Prof. Commercial Law – School of Law – Qatar University
Dr. Basem Mohammad Melhem
Associate Prof. Commercial Law – School of Law – Jordan University

Guarantees of suspension according to Algerian law of Criminal Procedure

Dr. Mustafa Abu El-Enein
Assistant Professor – Faculty of Law
Ajman University of Science and Technology- UAE

Recent judicial developments in appealing the State contracts ” Comparative Study ”

Dr. Hawalef Abdulsamad
Head of Private Law Department – Lecturer in Section “B”
School of Law and Political Sciences – University of Tlemcen – Algeria

The right to Vote and to Candidate between Constitution and the law in Kuwait

Dr. Ardit Memeti
Assistant Professor – Kuwait International Law School
Professor David Morgan
Distinguished Professor – Kuwait International Law School
and Emeritus Professor of Law at University College Cork – Ireland