Discussed Theses

الرسائل التي تمت مناقشتها في العام الدراسي 2014/2015

2014/2015Theses Discussed within the Academic year



Thesis Title
1 Fatima Al-Dayen The Role of Parliamentary Practices in the Parliamentary Privileges of the Members and the Speaker of Parliament
2 Hana Al-Mutawa The Parliamentary Practices of the Kuwait National Assembly in the field of checks and controls
3 Noura Al-Farhan The parliamentary practice of Kuwait National Assembly in the field of legislation
4 Abrar Al Muteiri The legal regime for consumer protection in electronic transactions
5 Loulua Bin Ali Legal Frame work for Islamic Financial Institutions’ supervision in Kuwait
6 Rahima Museliar Developing Countries And The Principle Of ‘Common Heritage Of Mankind ’Based On The United Nations Law Of The Sea Convention 1982

الرسائل التي تمت مناقشتها في العام الدراسي 2015/2016

2016/2015 Theses Discussed within the Academic year

1 Samira Al-Mousawi DNA and its Role in Criminal Evidence
2 Hamed Al Kindari The Special Purpose Vehicle and its Role in Securitization
3 Eman AL-Sherida Minister’s Responsibility for the Action and Activities of Public Institutions and Authorities
4 Amtar AL Hereti The State Responsibility without Fault
5 Fahad Al-Roushod Judicial Review of on-Legislative Acts of Parliament: A Comparative Analytical Study between Kuwait, Egypt and France
6 Nouf Al Musilimi Criminal Protection to Ensure the Integrity of the Elections
7 Rawan Al Ghazali Controversies of Corporate Dissolution
8 Sanabel Al-Houti Special Procedural Provisions for Capital Market Crimes in the state of Kuwait
9 Fatima Al- Kindari The Power of the Shareholding Company Board of Directors to Conclude Loan Contracts
10 Alzain Al-Sabah The Kuwaiti Judiciary’s Power to Dissolve Parliament
11 Abdullah Hamadi Public Administration’s Negative Decision and its Judicial Review
12 Farah Hamada The Legal Framework of the Islamic Banking in UAE - The Case of Dubai
13 Nouf Al- Yehya Differences between the Legal Systems of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and its Subsidiaries
14 Sarah Al Shemeri Public-Private Partnership Contracts According to Kuwaiti Legislation – A Comparative Study
15 Bader Najm The Concept Of Discretionary Power Through The United Nations Security Council's Activities

الرسائل التي تمت مناقشتها في العام الدراسي 2016/2017

2017/2016Theses Discussed within the Academic year

1 Ma'ali AL Jabr The Legal Protection for the Rights of Investors in the Investment Funds under the Kuwaiti Law
2 Mohamed Al Dabous State Interference to Face Financial Crisis - (Kuwait Model)
3 Abdulaziz Al-Shalal Legal Regulation of the Domestic Worker’s Relationship with the Employer -A Comparative Study
4 Fajer Al Osemi The Right of Individual’s Direct Access to The Constitutional Court in the State of Kuwait -  A  Comparative Study  
5 Kaled Al Moqatei Trust Contract – A comparative Study between Sharia and Law
6 Fajer Nasser Commercial Dispute Settlement under  The World Trade Organization
7 Mashael Al Maghrabi The Finical Rights of the Author - A Comparative Study
8 Anfal AL-Refai Conformity of the Gulf Security Treaty with the Kuwaiti Constitution
9 Reem AL Shaya Treatment of Foreign Investors in Accordance with the Rules of International Investment Laws and Kuwaiti Legislation
10 Duha Al Sayer Transparency in Public Procurement Methods and Procedures (A Comparative Study between the Kuwaiti Public Tenders Law No. 37 for the year 1964, the UNCITRAL Model Law on Public Procurement for the year 2011, and the Kuwaiti Public Tenders Law  No. 49 for the year 2016)
11 Amal Al- Fasam New Trends in Kuwaiti Corporate Governance – Analysis Study
12 Sarah Al Adwani Seizure of Current Account between Secrecy Principle and Nature of Bank Transactions
13 Athari Al Adwani The Kuwait State Audit Bureau and the National Assembly. Their Roles and Authority in checking the power of the Executive
14 Ali Al- Saeed Takeover in Accordance with the Provisions of Kuwait Capital Markets Authority Law No. 7 of 2010 as Amended


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