Competition and student Development Department

Mission Statement:

          To participate in providing the society with distinguished qualified personal who perform in the legal profession to the highest professional standards, in both theoretical aspects, with critical analysis of courts.

KILAW’s Objectives:

1-    Granting an LLB degree in law which meets the needs of, and qualifications for the legal profession.

2-    Granting an LLM degree in law and the interrelated disciplines connected to law.

3-    Granting a paralegal diploma qualifying  for the paralegal profession.

4-    Integrating theoretical and practical methodology in legal education.

5-    Enabling high school graduates and other degree holders, via legal education, to secure new jobs within the public and private sectors.

6-    Participating in the development of Kuwaiti manpower to meet market needs.

7-    Promoting legal awareness and participating in creating general legal and Sharia’a knowledge in society.

8-    Attracting students studying outside Kuwait to seek legal education at home.


          Competition and Student development department is specialised in student development by raising practical and scientific level of training and refinement of legal talent and the production of a legal characteristic represents the school level in the practical field during the study period and graduation.

What we provide

-         Development associated to the educational subjects  

-         Organize practical training (government sector  - private sector).

-          Qualifying  the Faculty members of the Integrated Development Authority Program.

-          Create a model specializes for the competition and student  development.

Development outside of the educational subjects

1. Organization of  the  Arab and international competitions:

·        Debates .

·        C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition 

·        The Willem C. VIS International Commercial arbitration Moot Competition

·        International Criminal Moot Court Competition

·        Moot court competition in various Arab countries.

·         Model United Nations (MUN) Competition

·        Other competitions


The school participation in Internal and external debates

 C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition

         The Jessup moot involves arguing a hypothetical case on issues international lawas if before theInternational Court of Justice in UK.

The Willem C. VIS International Commercial arbitration Moot Competition (VIS)

Is an internationalmoot courtcompetition hold in Vienna, the moot consists of submitting written memoranda prior to the moot for both sides of the dispute (Claimant and Respondent in legal terminology). The oral arguments phase of the moot is held in Vienna.

International Criminal Moot Court Competition

Is an English competition involves collaboration with judges from international courts and officers, and teams have to present arguments based on a fictitious problem via the roles of prosecution counsel, defence counsel, government counsel, or victim's representative. 

Moot court competition in various Arab countries

This competition help the student to evaluate their self’s to appear before the courts and the ability to prepare legal briefs and  case analysis...

Model United Nations in Arabic Language

It is an activity allow the student to take an opportunity to play the role of the  delegates to the united nations and it is an educationalsimulationand/or academic competition in which students can learn aboutdiplomacy,international relations, and theUnited Nations. MUN involves and teachesresearching,public speaking,debating, and writing skills, in addition tocritical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.

Other competitions

Involved by the school for the internal  moot court between the students and to invite new competition.

2- Student development through the training courses

·        Through a specialized professor in the field of the subject  competition, in additional in the field of the courses who would like to participate to the  student training, kindly requested to contact us via E-Mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .kw

·        Through the student participation in the competition and the training courses , will be announced in the school website for registration .

·        Through the desire of the faculty members to support the study course needs, Kindly field  the training needs model through the school website.

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