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KILAW's Students Association is an independent student organization based on democratic principles. It represents all students in KILAW. It is committed to the achievement of its goals in conformity with laws and regulations that are present in the State, the Ministry of Higher Education and in KILAW.


The Administrative Body of the Association aims to improve student character through the mission and objectives of the school. In particular, it intends to:

-          Instill positive values within students and create an academic climate that allows them to express their views and ideas.


-          Strengthen relations between students, the administration and the teaching staff.


-          Take part in efforts to make the best use of available academic possibilities.


-        Identify closely the administration's point of view on students' issues and convey students' points of view to the administration.


-          Train students in leadership and improve their spirit of responsibility.


-          Detect, improve, and capitalize on students' talents.


-          Regulate the student activities


-          Regulate the benefit of student capacity in community service.


-          Convey any students’ proposals or complaints to the administration.


-      Represent the students before the school’s administration, committees or joint committees, as the case may be and as the school may determine.


-          Cooperate with the Enrollment and Orientation Office at the beginning of the first semester in regulating orientation and assistance in directing newly enrolled students and holding awareness meetings.


-          Devise student activities that motivate student thought and polish the personality of legalists and advocates of the future, improve cultural understanding and enhance the concept of teamwork and student collaboration. 


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